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And then you'll drop that off at ups. They come back a more exchange up or down the size or interact with whatever is that we need to do to get that shoe on your Fulton Saint. Right if for whatever reason we don't have anything that works, then we refund your money in full, so It doesn't really cost you anything to see you if You know if we've got something that can work for you. So the classic Max usually as I, said before is the shoe that most of all emphysema patients and up in we make that in the six e with generally speaking because of the earth, because of the volume we need. It's usually the sixty wet so that the main focus is just trying to figure out what lent. And so that that tempts tends to tends to work quite well. so that's the primary video product, but we have the other product we have is is a fairly new product. Is The doors classic slide? The L. Six hundred, which we made in the six e with a little bit of a different is on, not just as one strength to it or a has a the apertures, a little bit wider. Than than the clothes back shoe, so you're able to dislike that that shoe. onto the full fairly easy, and and a lot of our customers like that shoe. Was I something? That they might way or used to put on in the middle of the night, and they need to get up to go to the bathroom or to come in the house, and they just want to Slip Slip House slipper. They just want something to that. They can they, can they? Can you know take off easy to put my feet up on the couch or whatever So? That's something that works quite well, but the shooter I like to see most of my patients. Is that s six hundred because that's something that you can be active in walking over Steve. With the slide with slipper agents compromised a little bit. It's it's a convenient alternative for in and around the house. That's definitely smart. Because a lot of patients, you know they do. Kinda shuffled around the house. and not have anything on. So that's really helpful. It's smart thinking on your part. I wish we think really came from from Emphysema patients and that kind of. Truest back to what I was saying before. We like to think. Everybody says they still listened to all. You like to think that we do you know because I don't have into Dima. You know it's important to get the the. So the slide came about very much because we have a number of people that said Hey, listen. I need something with an open back because of this that or the other or something just to be able to go to the bathroom, so we kind of tinkered around without a little bit until we got it right, and then you know it's, it's a successful product and a lot of people like it. Following on from that, you know. We had a lot of people saying. Hey, listen I find a sandal for the summer. The Wall something with an open toe. something I. You know I can wear in the summertime. So, we're in the throes now of of of developing a sandal that were hoping to get some of those aim fairly shortly I've seen some of the prototypes, and basically it's just it's just a flat foot pad, which big huge long flaps that with a velcro closure that will come over the top of the arch, and so that people can can accommodate the swelling and then have something open. At the front and back so.

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