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Available in video form on all of our social media channels, feed the pig. Feed that pig my tail, sweetheart, As Doc Rivers would say, Pull it. Pull my tail, sweetheart. Pull! Pull it. The Mavericks fire Donny Nelson. After more than 20 years with the organization. And remember, I just did the story earlier in the week. Report from the athletic That said Luca has been at odds. With that dude vulgaris. Lifetime gambler, the professional sports better Who made a ton of money doing that that Mark Cuban hired him to do basketball Analytics and essentially run the organization. Well, Luca apparently has had his run ins with vulgaris. And now Donnie Nelson apparently lost a power struggle with Bulgari's And this is so problematic. It is so problematic because Donny Nelson, whose dad was Don Nelson, Donnie Nelson. Helped build a roster that won an NBA championship. Donnie Nelson helped build rosters that went to two NBA finals. Donnie Nelson helped build rosters that went to the playoffs 14 consecutive years with Dirk Nowitzki at the center and Donny Nelson. Helped orchestrate the acquisition of LinkedIn Chick. Vulgaris did do any of that. Vulgaris into any of that vulgaris is a brash sports better. And Mark Cuban thinks he's on the front side. He's at the cutting edge of some type of competitive advantage with a guy that understands roster management and building and statistics. All because of analytics, having never actually worked within an N B A or Professional sports front office. There's no experience there. So Luke is at odds with him. Apparently, Donny Nelson's been at odds with him and guess who survives. This is bad. This is not good. The writing is on the wall that Cuban is trusting the wrong guy here. And I'm not saying that Donny Nelson's just always hit dingers because this roster that's been built around Lucca has not been very good at the poor. Zynga's trade did not pay the dividend that they thought that it would, and they've got this albatross of a contract with Porzingis. They are still wrapped around their necks for the next three seasons. However. I'm going to trust the guy that has the experience within a front office within your front office for two decades. Over a sports gambler. That's a Johnny come lately that insists that he's got it figured out and has friction with your franchise guy. I'm not going to bet on that guy. And I'm not sure if this is more Cuban being stubborn. I'm not sure if Vulgarians has convinced Cuban of something.

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