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Oh, man. All right. I, I'm gonna go go for your. Why are? Why are people this goddamn needed to get a job? Whatever happened to hard work, whatever happened actually doing things we've been hacking at this year's we've been, I've been hacking to the face of hockey show for years, and people just go viral and people love them. They have no substance. They're just, no, you have a very good point there. Tired of this shit, man, very good point there. Man, I gotta work for. It's a great job. I rather be doing right time. Oh God. I can't be a pain team. Why? Because because I opened my rope up in wiggle, my Adam like is the reason that you should get on the side of a car. Like my Modi's Rick flair RIC flair robe and just might might say. By my ankles. Like, like I said, all I have to do. Let's make it make a living. Just make jokes because I can show you pink, robe. I got like eighty five podcasts. I just started a new one, Tuesday, none of them have openings because some guy named Todd butts came to him opening. That is also. Is it a minor league hockey show. No, it's a male Merlin is it's Chesapeake hockey week, get on to KOTA a hockey show. I do. It's called, hey, I'm getting credentials the caps opening night because university North Dakota's try- swayed caps opening night is in North Dakota. Yes. No, it's I'm going. Okay. Okay. That would be just praised the opus daily Cup banner in the North Dakota. Guys, we finally want it. We're going, we're going to Fargo. Guys, you know what this means. Thanks to test is offense. DC we got Grand Grand Forks. Forks faces banner God that would have been the best. What what my point is stepping needy twats. Don't expect natural those.

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