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Or like an that I give myself permission to do that I don't worry about my relationship to alcohol You know although there is a lot of alcoholism in my family it's something that. I don't think I go out the genetic. Predisposition and actually like I got such hangovers that I think that's like prevents me from it ever being something I do more than You know I feel is right for me but like I definitely like those are the two main ones that come up that I always like to acknowledge because I think people think Oh will your therapist and you must go perfectly all the time and no I mean I I send texts I regret you know. Definitely like react especially with my family you know where they're still like a lot of triggers I have conversations that I reflect on afterwards I shouldn't have said that or I could have been a long more compassionate there What other kinds of white coat trying to think of other crying on the floor like crying on the floor they're selling go like lying on the floor crying when you need to have a good cry that me feels really grounding. Yeah I think those are kind of my main ones. But really like for the most part I do air more toward like. Ya the, what do I? Need I need the yoga need the Walker any talk of my girlfriends or I need to like hang out with a at most like really echo friends are still in Maine Cougar. So you know if it's a friend here and I really feel like I need like touch. Then it's like okay I need a friend that I can like snuggle with or like somebody who I can like go at get a hug from or massage actually another one that I do a lot of I got a lot of massage. Acupuncture and those are both like really amazing releases for me and and I endorse them for everybody if they can afford them, there's like really cheap ways you can get that like there are a lot of massage schools or acupuncture schools or here they're like..

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