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Out the same old stuff and he's like actually mastered an entire different medium. But that's fine. No hard feelings listeners. In fairness even as much as you want to see the french dispatch and i am right there with you. Actually you can kind of see why people are saying that they might be completely misguided and wrong but you can see why they're saying. I i don't know i don't know if i can and i made. The argument watched two seconds so that trailer and go. Oh it's a wes anderson film. Sure okay. I guess if you're saying that like if that's what i'm saying that identified their style from a trailer okay. That's fair fair enough. Yeah that's essentially what i'm saying. Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll and left comments. It's time for a new one in a couple of weeks. Were planning to honor the fiftieth anniversary of the nineteen seventy-one movie year with our top five films of seventy one. It's time for you to weigh in tele. Simply what is the best film of nineteen seventy-one all right here. Your options a clockwork orange. Which we just recently discussed heralded. Maude mccabe and mrs miller. The french connection. I think that's coming up for this show right atom. We're going to have discussion. The french connection for our top five. Seventy one show sure. Okay i thought we talked about that. But we'll see what happens and then your other option is the last picture show plenty of titles to consider for the other category. Maybe you wanna go with a new leaf. The elaine may movie. Maybe willy wonka holds up for you not only as a child but also has an adult fiddler on the roof dual thx. Eleven thirty eight clute. I mean this is why. We've been revisiting seventy-one films. It's a really really strong year. I'm gonna call sam out on another deeply. Flawed don't spotting question and not because any of the main choices he picked are wrong or off base. But because in a clockwork goring. Harold and maude mccabe and mrs miller. The french connection in the last picture show. I have no reason to actually offer my top five it. It has been done in the form of a question. I'm not sure. I'm going to come up with anything. That's off the beaten path or josh. Well do we have anything else. No we're not going to really revisit anything before then. So yeah your your work is done good for you. My work might be done. I haven't looked at our schedule and low while. I think the french connection is the movie. We are pairing with this top five. I think i had hoped when this idea originally was floated by me that we would get to at least three films from seventy one. And unless i'm wrong we've only talked about a clockwork orange. It would be fun to get to at least one other fiftieth anniversary picture before we do this. Top-five beyond the french connection maybe heralded motto was the one i wanted to revisit. And i've been doing a little catching up on my own. Have seen harold. And maude watch dirty harry for the first time last week spoiler not gonna make my top five. No oh my goodness. I like dirty harry. I like it. I watched it last year. Oh my gosh well. Maybe we should talk about it. I mean that thing is evil. There's also another movie. I caught up with two lane. Blacktop for the first time. Yeah that's good really good so that one was interesting. So yeah. I've i've got a little more work to do. Maybe trying to juggle things shuffled things around and that french connection visit is going to bear in mind. You know where it ends up on my live if it does it all so we'll see okay. So i'm just sledding. Josh in the column of people who misunderstood dirty harry. Let's let's move on you in half poll film spotting dot net. Let's get back to our fall. Movie preview we'll see if we can agree on our final two questions about the fall movie season. What do you have at number two josh. Let's go back to some talk about the french dispatch for my number two question. I'm wondering ken. Wes anderson master the anthology film format now. My personal history with this format isn't great. I think of something as far back as a new york stories in nineteen eighty nine. You know that. This was kind of the movie that i wanted to see. Not turner and hooch but york stories score says he already and cohen alan all in one contributing to one film. How about four rooms in one thousand nine hundred. Five tarantino robert rodriguez allison anders alexandre rockwell. Then you've got something like coffee and cigarettes from two thousand three. That was all jim jarmusch. But each one each vignette directed by him loosely connected aeros in two thousand and four. Here's another car why connection. He contributed a short film to that alongside steven soderbergh and michelangelo antonioni and you could throw probably should throw the ballot of buster scruggs from two thousand eighteen in there right. The cohen brothers washer anthology. Leisure tem is that one that counts that one. But yeah that would count definitely and you know these ones i've listened. I've liked some of them. Fine but i've never. I haven't liked any of those as much as i'd like the individual feature films directors and i just thinking about why is that i just feel like i'm getting water down or thinned-out versions of their work. I mean there's a reason. Filmmakers often start in shorts and then work their way towards a feature right in. This sometimes feels like going backwards. I know there's such a thing as a perfect short story and so there should be such a thing as a perfect short film and they're probably out there but my experience with this format has been great. Maybe i don't know maybe like sin. City is the one that i with the most but if i think about it that's also the one even more than coffee and cigarettes which is all jarmusch. That has the most aesthetic coherence. And as we've talked about with wes anderson. You know you're going to get that you're gonna get aesthetic coherence from him and that's probably what you'll get with the french dispatch. Wes only being west. So i am still hopeful and We'll see when the french dispatch comes out on october. Twenty two yes. We will definitely vote at least a review to wes. Anderson's the fridge dispatcher. Movie we've been anticipating for over a year now. My number two question of the fall is who will i empathize with more jessica chastain after damaging her skin for her art wearing makeup while shooting the eyes of tammy faye or her seemingly irredeemable televangelist character. Here's the synopsis. In the nineteen seventies. Tammy faye bakker and her husband. Jim rise from humble beginnings to create the world's largest religious broadcasting network n. theme park. I mean you really can't have a religious broadcasting network without the theme park tammy faye becomes legendary for her indelible eyelashes idiosyncratic singing in her eagerness to embrace people from all walks of life just for our younger listeners and we joke sometimes about our nineties kids who listened to film spotting and now. We're getting old enough. That there are two thousand kids listening to film spotting. There's no way they have any sense of how big jim and tammy faye bakker were in the one thousand nine hundred eighty s. I mean it was. You know my awareness of them came through saturday night. Live like beyond parodied regularly. That's how big they were yes. I wasn't raised in a religious family. Pt l. wasn't appointment viewing. But i feel like it was on all the time i saw that show constantly and they were everywhere and yes it was because they were also being parodied on shows like saturday night live but everybody in popular culture new who tammy faye bakker was because of that voice because of that makeup and those.

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