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Smoke cigars and i should say i don't what's the three names andrew ross sorkin the guy's name is andy sorkin by the way he's the kind of guy that no my name is anan ambi sorkin it's andrew ross sorkin a new one time a guy's name was like i can't remember victor and i said oh hey vick it's not vic it's victor if you know what i mean but trust the guy like that you know the three names just a little bit odd but i digress but andrew ross sorkin really trying to put in a little dig but here's what i thought was very interesting about dr scott gottlieb's comments saying talking about use patterns and he said we don't know the use patterns we don't know if there's not any health risks but we know that people do not smoke premium cigars for the nicotine and for him to insinuate well we we've got to look at this get the same model nicotine and smoke don't if that were the case you'd see every cigar connoisseur outside a building smoking cigars throughout the course of the day they'd be running off airplanes running into the smoking area lighting up a double corona rhetorical we know that's not the case so i don't know what dr gotlib maybe now he got a little corrupted by mitch zeller as i like to call amidst zealot who oversees the fda's tobacco division but we'll see what happens but i will continue this conversation and other developments in the world.

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