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Hi good morning welcome back we were having a kind of deep discussion with Bob kind of ran over in the news time so had to break for news weather traffic got me thinking about some other places and I gave some phone numbers websites over the air hopefully Bob has a chance to mark this down so let's go back to did you hear my note about Houston bamboo nursery yeah I'm trying to bring them up on my phone right now you were talking about somewhere on three fifty nine I'm you know where that is down toward Richmond Porcher the enchanters trees there you go that's it so enchanted forest did we say between here in KC that's way south okay you know how you got it yeah model go to for sure Richmond yeah in chanted gardens at three fifty nine and seven twenty three you're right okay yeah if you need the information on them the website is mine chanted dot com and I give them a call before you drove all the way out there once they open up I want to say nine AM yeah I'm going down there look at a house afternoons what would be your life no they don't open till ten right now so I just checked the account so I got three pollution board so that's just great the only other question I have can I wake expanded shale into my flower bed that I'm doing why could look on top of clay okay yeah I was going to break anything in like expanded shell then I would be a new I was solving a moisture problem just putting expanded shell on top of a hard play bed is not going to enrich it the way they will work it down some but so what I would do is put Asia might down okay and then water that in with soil activator and keep using the soil activator every two weeks okay I have that also that's how I would slowly and surely in rich that soil okay and can I use a Pitchfork to feed my magnolias no but you can use a Pitchfork to aerate the area before you feed the magna but I what I can use a Pitchfork typo coals it's not as good as using the soil auger but it's better than doing nothing at all and then after I put all the holes then I'd feed it was something like microlight sixty four you know what I'm an expert on the pitch forks are well if you're an expert with his fork and then you can use the Pitchfork and the expanded shell on the beds that you were just talking about crime if you if you aerate the area up then you can use the expanded shale yeah but if you're just put some on top I wouldn't do the expenditure okay that's what I needed now all right and I expect to hear back from you next week about what you ended up getting in where you got okay I listen to you every Saturday and Sunday so I will appreciate that I'll be cool kind of cool I want to know what variety because like good job bamboo specialist it's amazing how many varieties of bamboo they actually do have and then then that'll make your head swim too on what variety you're going to need for your instant gratification yeah I was looking for an expert that's why as long as your words there you go thank you very much and good luck with that I'm looking forward to seeing what ends up happening Mandy is in Brian up next morning Mandy good morning how can I help you my question is what type of floor do you recommend for growing roses in pots and vegetables and pot any the potting soil we talk about on this program can be used for veggies or flowers I was talking about one well not our ghost known as jungle land I don't know that you can get Jungleland in Bryan college station but jungle lands a good one some we go off the top of my head anything from the ground up by the bag you can find here in the Houston area like my I think as much as my bohemian potting soil is great Mumbai brain is not working it one hundred percent capacity today early in the morning there's so many if you hear us talk about a potting soil on this program if that's considered thumbs up when you want to grow flowers or vegetables in pockets we don't use potting soil in outdoor beds to build beds with but we definitely can use the potting soils if we're doing containerized vegetable beds something like a role for you would you can also use Rosalyn compost in a pot our recommendation is to portray the soul one part compost right that's for building beds with if you can build the bed with that you can also use that in containers okay but if you're looking for an instant one bag only potting soil is long as you keep it in a pot you can use that okay when I got there I know I've heard you talk about the black cow compost the weekend that's the one part so you need a two part rose well to go with the one part compost all right thank you very much so if I was in Brian all we have to go up to the producers coop you know what that is no but I can find out the right down producers coop in the northern part of Brian right I believe they're open on Sundays too but I'm don't trust me look it up first they will have a probably three or four different types of brochure by the back okay okay thank you very much you're welcome seven one three two one two KGH grab Mandy's line grabbed Bob's open line seven one three two one two five eight seven four two one to cater it is two one two five eight seven four still waiting yeah I'm bout to go look at one more time from even last Sunday added gentleman asked for permission to send pictures because he was going to show me a picture of all the steel power equipment he worked with that weekend he was kind of proud of his work I understand that too when I'm working with my steel S. T. I. H. L. really proud of that did the use five pieces of it this past Friday just two days ago we did a lot of work and a lot of trimming of shrubs definitely have to use the blower after that we use the pressure washer to clean the outdoor kitchen area Timothy and on and on we use the chainsaw Stihl chainsaws the power trim pressure washer blowers what was the one that I did I didn't use the edger string trimmer but you can use it to end now let me back up or all the steel bar quote first and foremost there's really only one place in the Houston area the greater Houston area from you know Conroe all way down to Galveston from Brookshire all the way to Beaumont Port Arthur there are six Lansdowne maybe location they are steel specialist S. T. I. H. L. here's the thing I have to send a couple weekends they have battery operated steel power equipment now too so it's quieter if you don't like mixing fuels like the you know the forty one ratio of the fuel and the oil that you would use on things like the hedge trimmer and the string trimmer at that it's a by the way the pressure washer is straight gasoline you know how to win anything but when it comes to like the handheld power equipment they have it by battery to even a chainsaw by battery I kid you not but you find out all the information in the great deals you get and the great service you get when you go to L. M. tractor dot com to find the closest of the six Lansdowne many locations who.

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