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Live through the eighties. Val Kilmer is just one of those actors who has, you know, little space in your in your mind and heart. So, you know, between tombstone and top done. He wasn't even within Batman, although not one of the most favored, at least from my perspective. He basically took it to your absence. He he's been battling throat cancer. And I think he stepped back from the limelight as a result. It's seems that his medical condition has improved of late. And so he appeared in public for the first time, basically in two years at an organization, he supports called twain, mania. It's, it's basically a nonprofit that tries to teach people about Mark Twain, and his want for America, and some of the social work that he had done, and then, so people were very excited to see him out in public because, you know, no one really known how how he's doing and, you know, next year if you're if. View. If you're looking forward to more things with him, he's going to be appearing in the top gun sequel with Tom Cruise. Oh my. That is an exciting thing that is exciting for so many Tom Cruise who doesn't age? Yeah. Exactly. That's, that's right. It'll be interesting to amazingly, I have never seen top gun. I don't even know how that happened. I I'm supposed to be a get ready. So it's funny most people course, enter ensure when you say that people lose their minds and they're like, what the hell have you not seen gun but I am in the same boat as you so just it's an entertaining movie. That's, but there's these, there's this generation sap that prides themselves on their top gun now because it's like almost a so bad. It's good sort of right? 'cause it's like just taken, you know, men enjoying their manly thing for the styles. And Kelly McGillis was in it that, like, I'm so I don't know why. I think it was like Sunday, channel or something. They had it on, and I'm clicking by, and I see her. She looks amazing funny, could hurt style. I could almost see working now. It is obviously, you know, things come and go and then come back again. She was ever in was witness with Harrison Ford. All right with the Amish kid. Yes. Yeah. Great. We're directed at great, Danny Glover. Now the bad guy. Yeah. He does. Peter. We're no, Danny Glover. No, Peter was a director from offering robocup. No, peter. We're. I can't remember name a long time ago, but Peter wears a director from Australia's on some really good stuff. We like the last one because we've been inviting enjoying. Yes. Yes. I actually as a result. I brought a dozen to my office this morning today, national Donut day which, you know, one there some deals, which I'll talk about an effect, but national Donut, they actually started Kosov ation army back in World War, One actually sent people for the front lines to serve Americans baked goods as the way to kind of increase morale and make people feel better who are serving overseas. And so they started this day in the thirties, kind of honor that tradition of there, and it, it overtime morph into more of a national day about the Donut. And so people are very excited searches for donuts, which is already something people search for quite a bit up nine hundred percent this week and their deals across the country you can stop in both. Don't condone. And get a free doughnut with any beverage crispy. Crispy cream is giving away donuts out any purchases, NOP and shop. Walmart, basically, anywhere you go is, is, is trying to, you know, do something nice for their customers to, to remember this tradition. And then we the funny thing though is, and you look at most search donuts in the week, you know, most of them are pretty pretty standard old fashioned donor glazed donuts. But number one, search don't out of the week is vegan doughnuts. So who knows I guess, people are trying to find a healthier way to make them. Yeah. We have our poll out today. John F twenty five. What is your favorite Donut is chocolate glazed jelly, or other in the other more? Interesting poll to me, is, how do you spell doughnut because I see it? Both ways. D. O. U. A G, H and UT ordeal. Interested polls availalbe John. All right. Well, listen Dunkin. They drop the name of their from from their name Dunkin these days. Sarel the video the video of the week is this reminds me of the short. Well, no wasn't that short lived. But you think you know that you have no idea TV series where they followed celebrities around, and showed you what went on behind the scenes. But this is Kylie Jenner day in the life. Yeah, exactly, if the Dan life of Kylie Jenner she, you know, life is full of interesting and Monday and things, and she kinda shows off everything that's going on for her day. It starts with her waking up. And, you know, like the rest of us she brushes teach she take the shower against dressed, but then she goes out, and she has some meetings with Kylie cosmetics, which, I think I believe in cosmetic lines and cosmetic line. And so about eighteen million people as of last count have watched this video. So it's you know, I think it's a I, I don't know that I'm gonna be watching it. Other people seem interesting. I managed to get roped in to the makeup YouTube star battle, and I I've never watched any of them in my life. And yet, somehow I was hooked. So he you know, maybe will also somehow get get roped in and fascinated by the day in the life of Kylie Jenner. Sarah, thank you so much for joining us, a course Google trends expert. We appreciate it. Absolutely having. All right. Let's hit a quick break. We will be right back keeping here. Boston Herald radio with.

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