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He's also a multiple year recipient of the boston magazine's five star wealth management award mark. Thanks for joining me today. Thanks for having me on jackie. I think you've got a whole lot of credentials there that i definitely can't touch and that's okay. I don't wanna be a financial financial guru for anybody but One of the things. I didn't read out. Is you say that the secret year longevity is asking questions at other other advisers. don't ask. Can you tell the listeners. A little bit about how you figured out what those questions are and what they might be. You know i. It's a great question that i don't think it's necessarily that. I know the questions that aren't asked. It's more that. I feel like i listen better and it's not about me. It's about them. And there's one designation that i used to tell people that i have. I used to do seminars years ago. You know i was a talk. Show host in a certified financial planner a cfp and a d a d and they'd go what's the ad i said. Well that's a dad of a six year old and learned more about communications from her than in any conference or anywhere industry publications ever and she's the one who opened my eyes really to understanding. The question is necessarily the question. There are so many different layers. And you know. I may hear what you are saying but it may not be what you're really asking so i tend to just sort of repeat back what i think i heard and then we sort of go from there I also think in our industry specifically I think our industry has done it wrong. A lot when it comes to either training advisors or educating consumers When it comes to training the advisor to many advisors look at their clients as cash cows. You know they come on in. Oh boy how. Much of a commission can i make much revenue. Am i going to generate. And that's you know that's really not why they're coming to us. They're coming to us for guidance. For help for council and you know my business model is more about counseling and getting paid a fee for doing that than it is about selling products and i think therein lies also an underlying problem. We have in our industry that too many consumers don't trust us don't like the way that we communicate and you know it it speaks to You know a third of my clients are suddenly single women. Because i don't talk to them. In the usual financial jargon or like are male dominated industry does to women. You can't do that. There's no connection. So i think it's really important for us to figure out how to have proper communications out a listen well and then once you start listening then you can start to find the questions that as i say so. Many of my other peers do not ask..

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