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Tournaments and the last Fudge. That was awesome. I gotTA use that. Piano. Was So dramatic. So the way they do it is they take the best eighteen tournament results from the twenty two month timeframe and that is your ranking. So it really is a great incentive for tennis players to play because I mean, they could all choose to sit on the sidelines and lose nothing. But if they do play, they could better their ranking especially like for instance Djokovic, he could easily better his ranking because he got knocked out last year exactly and I mean we all assume that he will do quite well. If. Not Win easily I. Mean at least that's how I feel because he's been training and playing a lot like right I mean everybody's missing out on competition but he's got a good amount of training competition compared to the rest of the field. He also has this really strange bandage right now that he tested positive with covert months ago and assuming those antibodies are still active in his body. He probably is impervious to vid during this timeframe I guess that would be the same with Zavarra as well. Right But the NISHIKORI tested positive again. So There's a chance that that doesn't hold up what was the time distance between when he had it and when he didn't have it I actually don't know any of those details. Yeah. Because I think well, here at least in the United States to CDC is saying approximately three months that the antibodies give you protection. and. You know who knows if the information we're hearing from our federal government is correct or not it's really hard to know. But I mean just just that feeling that maybe he can feel more free be less stress less worried about illness just because he has that. Kind of advantage. For sure I mean I don't I don't really see anyone. Taking them out personally but stranger things have happened. I know I've been joking on the tennis court with my local buddies like. Why even have the tournament just hand joker the the trophy. You. Know just give it to him and save all this. You know risk of getting infected. Yeah Right. But. If it's not Djokovic, you've gotta think all these young guns are saying look I only have to be Djokovic now, I don't have to be three and that's why it's always been impossible right? Like, okay. You can beat Djokovic maybe then you could beaten doll, but then you have to beat Federer or you know in any in any combination of those three. At minimum, you had to at least get through two of them back to back right which is nearly impossible nearly impossible and I mean very few people have done. It that I can think of I mean team is right up there. Right he's taken at all of them out I think Zavarra of beat Shoka Vic and better at. At the finals rat the London. Again. That's three centers which I don't think really count I. D-. In a slam, there's only like one or two people who have ever done it. Right? Right and I think the record even though everybody says Medvedev has a great chance I mean he he's never actually won a five-set. from if I. Understand that correctly. A. Five five set final I should say. He's he's been in a couple of them and he's lost them all so. Yeah well. I. Shall. We shall we play the game now who men and women like what's your call will? It's really hard right because you don't. Always know lead up tournaments other than Cincinnati which. you haven't here's lunch exhibition tournaments to go off of which joke of each and team and Zverev all did very well and but they were playing against. You know a lot lower ranked players in these weird experts like the ultimate tennis showdown had weird rules four quarters. All these. Antics right wasn't like right tennis and then The other ones also had had different scoring. You know the third set I think for some of them were was like A. A. tie-break type of thing. Instead of a full set. So Right I don't know that any of them have had really enough conditioning. To to know how they're going to do in five the best of five for two weeks for for a two week tournament which has always been the US Open. They've always said has been the hardest one because it's towards the end of the year and you're battling injuries but everyone's now super fresh but also. Super Rusty, right. You're also battling ton of heat. You know usually the soap in is really brutal. Really is I guess they do it with at the Australian Open is probably more brutal but you're right? Yeah, I mean it's going to be hot and then it's weird to it's got to be weird like playing a grand slam with no crowd right because you better believe that a crowd has so much to do with a lot of. Think when if Serena gets tight. Or? Jovic, or whoever right? who normally have like a ton of crowd support. unless they're playing Federer and Djokovic case but normally these people are really used to being able to get sort of pumped up and get a bunch of energy from the crowd support. And the like, how weird is it going to feel that they're playing for a grand slam with no one clapping no-one screaming you know I've got to think that that gives the advantage to the underdog whoever that is. Yes. There they're used to not getting the chairs in back they're used to getting you know kind of. Anti cheers. People cheering when they double-fault or people cheering when they hit it out you know. So they're actually going to have less of a distraction and maybe kind of evens the playing field in a lot of ways. I mean I think this is gonNA. Be The coolest and strangest US Open I can't wait to watch as much as possible because we're going to see like. Really. Crazy. Stuff happening I mean I. I think there's going to be. A lot of shocking headlines as far as like not only just who loses early to someone they shouldn't have lost to quote unquote but also who like, how does Corona Virus Play Who's trainers going GONNA test positive and they're going to have to withdrawal because you know they have to quarantine or something like that. You know. and then what happens like do we have a draw full of walkovers or do lucky losers get thrown in It'll just be interesting, right it'll just be a tournament we've never seen. Yeah I honestly. Feel like it's such a blip on the on the calendar just such an anomaly that it just shouldn't count like I really feel like the US Open should just be an exhibition until we actually get back to you know where everything is. Somewhat normal and and people can actually play again because I mean even if Djokovic wins you know that everybody's GonNa say, Oh, well, that's because it was the Cova Tournament. GOING GONNA. Totally discount it and I think I think it's actually different for Serena I, think if Serena wins I feel like they're going to give it to her more but who do you think is the biggest competition on on the women's side Is the as I think there's it helps and hurts her equally more than anyone. How first of all Serena is notorious for. Two players shouldn't lose too. Early on when there's a lot of pressure..

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