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9000 block of Washington Boulevard is located down the street from Sony Pictures Studio. Hackman co. Owns other Southern California establishment facilities, including television City studios in West L. A. Connecticut Democratic governor Ned Lamont says he needs to know how many vaccines his state is getting to properly plan. What's most important right now for the Biden administration is give us some transparency. Let us know what can expect next week what we can expect next month. Says teachers will be in an early group to get vaccines, he said. They're already a priority group when it comes to testing for the virus. Can't a Council of Economic Advisers member Jared Bernstein says there are two major challenges in a covert 19 relief package to meet the challenge. Of vaccine distribution of Iris control out of meeting the economic relief that's so urgent in this moment. Bernstein says. Americans need relief and they need it right away. President Biden is pushing Congress to pass a relief package worth nearly $2 trillion. If you're traveling, you must soon mask up. The CDC has issued an order making masks mandatory for all travelers in the U. S. Starting Monday. The federal mandate says people traveling with in or out of the U. S will be required to wear face masks on planes, ships, Busses, trains, ferries, subways, taxis and ride shares. And also in airports, subway stations and other transportation hubs. The CDC is told airline and transit cruise to deny boarding and transportation to anyone who won't mask up. Amy King K F I news Let's check in on the 14 self on it. Soledad Canyon. You've gotta crash still blocking the two left lanes. Emergency crews are on scene. You're stopped from Escondido Canyon Road in Baldwin Park 10 westbound before the 605 earlier crash. Clear from the free Let planes you're still slow and go from 20 Avenue Monterey Park. The tendons found before New Avenue in earlier crash there clear your stuff to go from Atlantic and traffic is slammed through Glen Helen. The 15 North bound. You're on the breaks between plant, Allen Parkway and the 1 38. Can you find the sky helps get you there Faster. I'm Dave Joseph. Cloudy skies for today. I'll tell you about it coming up. I like a bed that's really firm. I'm something a little softer than that Rest easy. But the sleep number 3 60..

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