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Were just one team. The rangers the penguins the flyers the la kings as token west team. But now the vadim vegas golden knights or one of them to the chicago blackhawks. And i think that's it for the most part of those. Those are like their their main going. Oh yeah boston as well boston. So there is that even though it's not unjustified by my opinions about it because the tampa bay lightning one of the best teams at least the last half decade and they barely get coverage on nbc. Sports day barely get national games. How's it possible that one of the best over this time period does it get shown a time rule of thumb is. Your champion should always get some. Tv time following season and the market look at the way the nba is marketed. Look at the way the nba's broadcast espn turner. Sports are not afraid to put on the milwaukee bucks. Because the milwaukee bucks are good marketable superstar. There you go that's all you need. Nhl teams have until but nbc. Sports was too afraid because the nontraditional markets don't get poll. they will get poll. You just gotta show them okay. We're we're tired of sony. Cerebral teams the buffalo sabres have more nationally broadcast games. Then the lightning. And they're awful. They're awful franchise the nba. They don't show the new york knicks. They do not show the new york knicks your largest market and they don't show national games for them. There's a reason why so. Hopefully we'll start getting some of that with the nhl. Okay yeah Big advocate for the southern teams dallas. La florida tampa nashville arizona. Those teams carolina. People will watch them. They got some good players they got. They got some hockey towns..

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