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Played. Yesterday by Bob Not sure. Who's joke. This was but when you played camp Granada reminded me of the joke. A kid writes from Camp. No, no man, no fun. Signed your son and the dad writes back Too bad. So sad. You're dead. Yeah. Thanks for playing Allan Sherman. I knew that song by heart listening to the album My parents had Yeah, that was from my son. The nut. The big album he had was my son, the folk singer and I forgot to mention this yesterday, but In in the Camp Granada Song. Let me get it here because I I made sure to have this handy to share with you so stand by. I'll I'll find it in a second here, but in that song he here it is. He sings about kid called Where is it here? Mm hmm. Um Just a second. It's coming. Leonard Skinner. He uses that name. This was in 1962. Leonard Skinner. Uh, he mentions kids names, and he uses that name for some reason. Well, you know what? That's one of the reasons the band was called Leonard Skinner, it Because apparently, um, they were fans. Those guys were fans of that track, and they remembered that name also. There was a Teacher that they had And there was let's see. Where is it? At the Robert E. Lee High school, Their P E teacher. Had a name similar to that. And, uh, this teacher is notorious for strictly enforcing the school's policy against boys having long hair. So they said, so they remembered That teacher. His name was Skinner. I guess. And so, with that, and the Allan Sherman reference they decided to name named the band Leonard Skinner. About that. And now you know the rest of the story, and I'm Casey Kasem, and that was by the way in Jacksonville, Florida, where that group got together. Now let's see what else we have here. Can hypnosis helped my teenage daughter with her social anxiety? Yeah, this came in because we had our friend Shaun Moselle on the hypnotist yesterday and whenever we have him on We get a lot of comments from people saying, Why do you have somebody like that on your show? And then people say have him on every day And here's a sample of what we got yesterday, Bob People should not be thinking about their bellies while driving. They have all they can do just to drive. Yeah, Sean did have an exercise breathing exercise for people driving to relax them involving Using your diaphragm, right? Bob. Did you notice that the hypnotist said, Listen to some classical music..

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