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Magnus but anyway speaking a peter rabbit went to see the movie with my kid and as you know we've got an ongoing segment here the ralph report where we have a child who looks at kids movies and let you know what she thinks and she happens to be my daughter olivia so when we get the opportunity when levies in the mood because they don't like to pusher and i want to be one of those parents we sit down we turn on the microphones and we review a kid's movie together in a segment we call livvy at the movies welcome everyone to livvy at the movies the show that reviews kid movies by kid with your host olympia garmin palau what's today's movie olivia what are we going to be looking at pier abbott peter rabbit of course based on the famous series of books by beatrix potter this is sort of a modernized version of peter rabbit updated for a new generation and we went to see that film livian i did and living why don't you tell folks a little bit what peter rabbit is all about can they realize about peter added that his cousin men unit and his three sisters cladding further guide and mack that's right and um who's your favorite character out of out of everybody in the film heritage care was p v now be is uh a character that is created for the film that his for sort of based on beatrix potter the the author of the original books and she plays.

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