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He has a little waxed moustache he is i believe african american and living in england who i believe that's correct by he may be it he may be a child of the world but he's got a little little wax mustache owning chronically enormous chest and he's he does a lot of gay powerlifting um so first of all i just want to say what yeah go ahead just what going i just i just want to say right from the top these were the film of the first things that i learned about dumb i was in a thousand percent i'm like this is this is the most delightful like if you're gonna can you a met i can't imagine anything better than to walk up to someone in a social situation and the three things that you learn about them you know you look at them they look like a nineteenth century of russian strongman then they have this little mustache uh they live in england and they do gay powerlifting it's like a delight a fucking delight so that was great that's what i knew about dominician event he was a big mac select supporter then maximum connie's rolls around i'm talking abdominal always always detroit to talk to tom splint select sky he tells me you know i've been teaching gymnastics class his earthly you've got to be fucking joking right now this asked this is the most like he looks like a you know of any kind of like a cartoon drawing of a person with who can hit the thing if the carnival with a hammer that makes the bell goading like that's what the man looks like what is the sexual orientation of the gymnastics classes though they are i believe they are all oriented asian omni sexual not we're not separate he's like well as an adult i got interested in gymnastics and i took some classes and it was so fun i got stirred but did teach it and like i wish i had this much passion for anything yeah anything ever i don't even want to be here perry defeat here with my best friend i and talk and i don't want to be here i don't wanna do anything i want to be at home right now playing secret of the silver blades on my pc confident you go home there's that data sorted content so yes a good point.

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