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Gaoli gods and monsters is out and certainly worthy pickup. I spoke to the voice of wonder woman. Tamra taylor who is also dr camille stay on on bones wonder woman. Well that's awesome. That's great i mean and this different wonder woman to really different wonder woman. Machetes bruce had the concept and alan had. The script was ernie wiggle room to play with her a little bit. Well they were amazing. Because the minute i got in there you know i of course being a comic book fan myself. I had preconceived notions of how it was supposed to be done. And you know. I got the script and thought i don't really understand this but i'm still gonna go in with my idea about how it should be done. And bruce said let go of that. We're going to. We're going to create something new this. It was totally fun. And freeing and wild so did andrea kinda help you along to find her a little bit. Did andre help me andrei. She was a gift from god. If you know without her i i couldn't done it and i mean she looks different. She acts different Shorts are amazing. What they did the no shorts icu. She's looking it's definitely. Yeah and she's kicking a little more ass. I like unapologetically. It's really cool. I mean what what. What was that part of the attraction to project. Well you know i. I don't know any young girl that doesn't want to be wonder woman so the attractions the project was you want me to wonder i wouldn't like i would have taken. I would've taken it whether it was in an alternate universe or not but to actually get the opportunity to sort of do a take on one woman. That's never been done was rad. Great so. I can't wait definitely pick out jail. A gods and monsters definitely gotta get it in blu ray. If you can justin cavender of peak legacy spoken robot. Chicken's kevin schick and tom. Route the writers of the dc comics special three from san diego. Comic is robot. Chicken dc comics special. Three friendship is magic. We'll kind of what kind of magic we're talking about is Superman gonna be doing lines of coke off of batmans back. Or are they gonna go. Trolling for hookers and a batmobile screening. Did you know nothing like that. Oh it's nothing but warm cuddly friendly says it right there in the title. Yeah it. it's a romance and everything that goes along with the good the bad the ugly we touched a vodka. I like it. So superman gonna tell batman. Hey look it's been like thirty years. It's time to get over your parents death or anything like that. You might see some of that. You know I think what makes this special different other than the bromance. And the fact that maybe their their arguments go beyond this universe maybe into parallel universes and they can involve other types of characters who have a say in their relationship so we kind of kind of blew the doors off this and went to parts of the universe. We didn't even expect to go to before great so when you talk about parallel universes than you can now. Just open up the doors for everything. It doesn't matter. None of it has to make sense. It can all be fun when we're writing it's true it's true but it also enables us to rope in different versions of different characters air. Go we were so fortunate enough to get adam west and burt ward to come in and do voices for us. Oh you'll see maybe some other batmans that we haven't seen the switch one gal say already in the press release that i can touch about but But yeah it's just going to be a lotta fun. I keep saying. But it's like the crisis of infinite earths of robot chicken specials perfect or any Guest voices that you're really excited about this time around well again. I was excited by adam. West burt ward. Br towards birthday. This week is it really happy. Earthy bird perfect Let's see when is this gonna air. That is a very good question. I thought you'd know that we could ask you soon. I'm sure we wouldn't be here. The viewers at home could google it. We'd really yeah a little weight here. You could tweeted and we'll figure it out there you go so you guys actually have some pretty racy scenes in robot chicken. Has there been times now that you're dealing with Dc particular where. They're just like no that. That might be a little bit too much. That has happened particular special but actually these e has been very forgiving of our sense of the yet. they they. We thought is going to be up battle and they've been very on board. I have alyssa sketch. That didn't quite make it. Instead of a joker venom. he created a jerk venom. And that that you may see an automatic form but not actually in the actual show. Watch the for that. I'm a dvd. Yes in the special reason to buy the dvd and blu. Ray thank you very much for your time and hope you enjoy the rest of your con- thanks to a geek. Legacy check out the rest of the geek legacy videos available on their youtube channel. There's more time capsule so stay tuned. let's get back to time capsule on the sat podcast network but light has a preview of my conversation with neville page faceoff judge creature designer about the critics award winning series latest star trek challenge. I think it's the best quote unquote reality show on television. And because it it you it doesn't have the boundaries that other shows do and I mean you don't know what the final product is gonna look like until you see it. I mean you get to go in and kind of mentor them. A little bit and kind of guide them but essentially until you see the final reveal. It's all new to you. And and as an audience we like to kinda handicap. The different people in who are favorites are who we think is going to be the front runner and That's part of the fun of it too. Yeah yeah it is I couldn't be more and speaking klingons. You had michael dorn on the On on the show and I mean he's not a makeup artist but he's been under the make up a few times the kind of not a good makeup looks like so what was it like and i'm sure he was relieved. It in etiquette right up on the show i've been wouldn't have minded probably was I know nothing michael during nothing of his personality. So you don't know what's expect when you meet a celebrity He was such an interesting sweet grape. Judge as well because he brings to judging perspective. That glenn the and i have but not to the degree that michael did and that is every day same makeup that he has to perform in hand glenn's worn makeup. I think the may have make up. I'm talking about like brevard prosthetic. yeah. I've also been under a lot of rubber as well. So it really. I think it's an important thing to have a respecting appreciation for pinko true. Because it's it's it's not as easy as it seems actually to wear rubber and perform and being an all day it was. It was great sitting next to michael and have chance to just talk to him by his experience as a character Any other thing too or is just the best thing before mr west smart the very idea that i was sitting next to michael jordan.

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