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Once that you want to give back some value for the value you get on a daily tech news show no problem just had the daily tack new show dot com slash support my this is the daily tech news for friday may eleventh twenty eighteen in los angeles on merit and from san francisco this time i'm sarah lane cavs in six i'm lynn peralta he's obviously in cleveland and also joining us today aaron carson staff reporter at cnn welcome back aaron thanks you're in kentucky right i am law what are we after derby so we've got a little more of a north american coverage today this is good and yes i was almost about to say congratulations on the derby but i always watch it every year it's wondering that's menopause congratulations on a successful derby good job justify all right let's start with a few tech things you should know semantic warned thursday that its annual report will likely be delayed due to an internal investigation launched by its boards now board members outside outside advisors an independent counsel are all looking into concerns raised by former employees former employees rather semantic didn't give details on the knee it sure of the concerns which probably makes more people even markets aren't yet his financial is it metoo is it security of very interesting to find out chairman of sony interactive entertainment worldwide studios shawn layden said on the official playstation podcast that sony is not going to have a traditional press conference at three this year they're going to focus on four games death stranding goes to shema spiderman and the last of us partout of a few other announcements for third party in indy titles but no hardware news from sony this year the event takes place june eleventh at six pm pacific the us court of appeals for the fourth circuit ruled wednesday that forensics.

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