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But you check five selectable 10-5 bility to send your to clear shopping center to clear Thirteen's Oscar. Mike truly happy with the actual think they'll have something other than that slop in the mess. We got the drop today does a body good right? Not this body. Now, what's the difference? It's all the same shit off. Yeah, but at least the D rations look like the real thing you have any idea how many cons that shank for one real Burger only way you're getting beef is if that shit is glowing a girl can dream suck Tango Rich for hoorah. X Scopes up got them. This is Sophie to enemy sighted. I repeat. We have a Tango on Ridge for one foot mobile number appears to be an SRE regular one click and closing permission to engage would be to Hold Your Fire we've had reports of detectors all along the Eastern AV does tengo appear hostile. I got him laid off. Nine hundred meters he's moving pretty fast. Audio's up. Looks like he's waving us off. I think he said hold your fire. He's a calm down beat you does Target appear hostile. You heard them. He might be a Defector shut up Leon. I'm trying to think he's trying to wave us off. He threw down his weapon whistle actual. This is o p two we are take off. I repeat we are taking fire. So what are you doing requested permission to engage the negative Stand Down. We've related positions was actually have them in my sights permission young age. Negative O B two interceptions 7-6. I got two top floors and coming from three man this one off. Fuck you're a piece of shit. You know that petrarca. Actual visual confirmation of kill Pompeo Bijou. We're going to need you Recon The Remains for ident tags, then our TV for debrief copy that actual we're asking mam paper tracker that sounded like a typo. We missed the action clause your swag tack on out near the fence line, man. I always miss the fun about time you two showed up. This mess should have been yours. They got spaghetti and fat balls again better. Hope you're well. It's hot gotta go fetch that meat bags ID tag Fight a fucking time machine, you know, what I would do go back and kill the pole march to keep the SRE from new can half the planet fox now then there's no war yeah, I fucking love more of the Clause. I can't stand I go back and find the limp dick for I'd good-for-nothing plug that first thought up the coordinated Logistics autonomous weapons system and I'd strangle that asshole in the fridge petrarca. Just shut up and walk. Okay, self-replicating self-repairing self upgrading fully automated combat drones who thought that was a good idea. What's the point of being Jewish it if something else gets to do all the shooting all the everything. I mean, what good is a marine that doesn't get to kill anything a waste of tax dollars. That's what not to mention thousands of hours of them in the various steely-eyed mind body and heart hardening devil dog generating Twisted Soul stealing training that is ever been forced on an unsuspecting boot. I am a diamond sharp titanium table. Laser, I'd Reaper a motherfuking death. And now all I ever get to do is sit on my ass and watch Twitchy get off fucking chaos. We're here goddamn the type boys don't seem to do they this guy is fucking sausage Gonzo's no way for a soldier to die. At least a bullet is a dignified way to buy it. But this shit out his tag. Looks like he was carrying this mm. A markten void packet. Yeah, did I tell you you're an asshole yet whistle actual returning to base? What's up, with the toaster never seen the type for hang around after the slice-and-dice? Maybe the weirdo sweet on you. You never had a dog growing up a freaky metal hamster ball shape dog. now where I grew up we ate all the dogs. I had a Roomba once though set it on fire that explains so much. Hey scram suck back to wherever you switch. He's go looks like someone just got themselves a pet cloth. Hey trash can I said fuck off? Can you get me confirmation on this all these said images of the aor weeks old Hendrix? Can someone point me to Major Hendrix? Yes, sir. I'll see if oh, a new ones. Thank you. This is a restricted area. It's off-limits to cities. I have a badge Priority One clearance. I need to speak with major Hendrix. Let him through go on Thursday and Hendrix. What can I do for you? Can Oda I'm with orbital R&D a skunkworks boy. We don't get a lot of lab coats on the line. I I hit dirt this morning, Can I do for you? If oh, through your first class all the way to 80-yard line must be a good reason. Is it true that you're sending a patrol into leading a patrol is it happens? We received a damaged Optical memory card from an SRA Envoy. Apparently the Collins want to negotiate. What are the envoy know when you interrogated him. He was too dead to say I have a briefing in 2 minutes. Walk with me. Are you aware that we've been in a blackout now for the last six weeks three days and 21 hours. Are you talking set coverage? Is that why we haven't received any of the new troop positions. I've requested geonet Optics. The ODS. Everything is down. Well, that's why they pay you boys the big bucks right fix. It don't make much difference to us. Oh, tells us to hold the line wage Hold the Line. Everything else is just situation normal. Well, that's just it everything appears to be working all the Diagnostics come back green when we are locked out of the system. We've been working the problem 24/7 may have everyone trying to come up with a fix not everyone you're here with us. Mr. Hooda. It's odeh. I have you been able to communicate with the autonomous weapons system to call and fire missions the network as you said has been down for weeks back. We thought it was our transmitter. So we jury-rigged a VHF tight beam using an old cell phone tower and that works recall and Twitchy shows up what she a loving nickname for your weapon system off. I need to go with you on your Patrol. That's out of the question. The last thing I'm going to do is take responsibility over a city and cons front yard. Major Heinrich. Look, this has been a lovely chat. But right now I need to explain to 16 service men and women who have somehow managed to survive the shitshow of a war that instead of sitting back and watching is your remote control toys mop up with left of the enemy. They have to hope that 60 miles into enemy territory on a wild goose chase and do you know why they have to walk instead of writing in one of those sixty million dollar troop carriers parked outside because geonet is down. That's right. None of you Geniuses thought it might be a good idea to put in a driver's seat. I have Priority One clearance. I can breathe the name tag. I thought this means that I have override Authority Dennis something. Oh, said when was the last time you stepped foot in North America wage? I haven't been PlanetSide five years 11 months. They sent you up early enough for days after the first wave look major. I need to go with you. It's imperative. Turn Hood seal on Deck. He's everyone. I'm sure you've heard the rumors. They were going on a suicide mission into a contract. So some asshole.

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