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I'm afraid of ads coming down with measles to the doctor told her outside. Bob still they say is really going to be tricky time. I've left a lotta of new medicine for him to take. It tried ice pack in lots of fluids. I'll be back later this evening. Is you don't think you should go into hospital. Those trying to keep a voice level. My did that packed to the gills. Still don't worry see you later. Don't worry pressing both hands against the aching temples ten minutes afterwards as she ran up the stairs with jug of bollywood to found her way impeded by mr colgate Occupying most of the narrow landing. I'm taking these into museum. He took the gaily. She was too exhausted to pretend that he doesn't want anything like that. Mr colgate he's far too sick yet. It was something rather repulsively fascinating about mr cogan pockets which held dangling from either hand china but said in. She thought he must be mistaken. When in fact the puppets made ceramic a series of bell shaked poultry pieces a large one for the body painted face and smaller ones the arms and legs each slotting into the one above threaded on let phones. They clink slightly. They moved the faces depicted by no more than half. A dozen strokes of black and white paint will such expressions of malign hostility. It was easy to see why the head upset bob. Thank heaven teacher. Not seeing them. He's too sick. Rose repeated firmly. Boy mr cogan side. It's hard when one is young to be so very ill. you'll shoe. I couldn't show him just one puppies. I have a big one bigger the knees which moves by itself. I've trained to do that. He liked that one. No thanks mr colgate. Mrs cogan opened the door and put a face round. She looked fatigued and frightened moment. Rose thought she could hear a faint high pitch crying coming from the room behind to then. She stepped in close the door. Ventriloquist said husband. Did you know. I could turn my voice. My rose switched. His face in. Squeaky voice came from the rafters up above the. Let me do that desmond. Said he's wife hastily. Tell me where do you put the collecting both line needed for. I'm trying to divert idea rose lower. But he isn't amused. Where did you leave the bottle. A dare say it's in the car. Reclined patchy wins. The cop. god knows if you don't snapped and went into the room. Slamming the door for the instant was open. Rose thought she had the crying again. Then there was a sump and silence. She wanted carrying the bollywood into bob. He was slightly delirious and pushed away crying. Only let them name. Or i'll smash them teach to is worse than evening in complained of pains around the neck but she would still take fruit juice which bob refused. Rose squeezing oranges in kitchen was interrupted by mr colgate who seemed aggrieved fund. Your children announced aggressively. That's kind of you mr cogan. I'm sure you are then. Why does you to scream like a maniac. When i go into a room. She's very sick. she's only eight. she's not used to. Men is used to the doctor. That's different known him for years. I would like to teach her to play clock patients. Any child her age could learn that mr cogan. I would rather you didn't go into her room just present. He looked rose lowering but at this moment he's wife came in flustered rushing. Snowflakes offers shabby headscarf desmond..

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