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Associates up the right side for Alex tuck? He comes out across the line cuts over to his left. Fires it in UC Sarasin goal. Slows down on the trapezoid put up on the sideboard by Mataya. Zach hall Ryan Ellis's his counterpart. Here's a shot. They're taking by Miller which misses the net. Miller was at the right point this book goes through center and Miller goes back to retrieve these on with John Merrill. Predators. Now, get another line change on here. Colton assistance out the man in deep and the puck comes into the Nashville zone for racing call against the Golden Knights all right away. You can see the speed both teams are buzzing around. See Roman Yoshiyuki, he wants to get up and no place so badly you we're talking about it. To this morning. He really just he wants to put this team on his back every night. He he works so hard to be effective at offensively. And of course, he plays a great game defensively as well. But comes back into the Nashville zone chipped up by Dan ham, use Merrill, tried the play it out and take it away. They're now back down the right wing side, the shot taken by Reeves and that one is held by UCLA. UC sorrows you could say there, but he had the goal pads on her practice. He still hasn't told them out yet. Of course, Mark on Jay flurry had some beautiful gold pads. So I thought it was going to be a gold patch showdown. But flurry doesn't have his on now either. So. Two goalies in normal white hats. Still trying to break them in. And they are blinding are both of them at the bright gold. Really cool looking. I they are that. I don't I don't know if I would ever be able to pull off that style. But those guys do predators when the face off, and there's own put up just out across the line and out Benino tried to pass it back in. And so we've got tied up in the skates of one of the Golden Knights and creating an offside. That it could talk with Nick Bonino this morning yet at soccer matches. Did they ever soccer tennis? I guess you would call that. And it was an optional skate in the morning. So they they were working hard men play in that game. We were watching some of the Australian Open last night, very similar. Yeah. There. It is reads in Hartman on this face off. Yup. Chatting poking at each other. I don't think carbon wants anything to do with fighting him just probably trying to play a physical game on him probably set by a soda after the game. But shift in behind the net. Pat can't feed right in front and a great save is made right away. UC? Sarah's had to make that stop here at war Belmar. Now Reeves kicks the puck over to his right with getting to it. I as ham use a back end feed for Rocco Grimaldi out. It comes taken down the side. Now Blackwell goes down behind the net over to the left wing side. Quick shot blocked in the circle gremaldi goes over after it chipped around him and now passed back to the Nashville zone. Matt Irwin chips. It in shallow right wing side. They got it out. And now brought in here is the pass across. And that is why to the neck and another try chipped around. Why Oscar Lindberg got a first good chance at it. And now take him from behind the net and put up the right wing side four gremaldi the predators in the midst of a line change because Ramadi took that pass from Brian Henson. Here. Come the Golden Knights up through center. Little jitter step. Thereby Cody equally fired at wide for the high slot area. Cody eakin. To the Dallas Stars game here the expansion. Mcnabb puts it over cross ice stopped by Yosi. And then brought in by Arvidsson down the right wing. He got around one man goes around another back to Yosi at his shot was blocked and the Golden Knights get possession and lobby in the Nashville zone stopped on the back end side by Yosi passed up just across the line. As the nights trying to regroup inside their zone, come up to center ice Carlson with the tap back in that shot by March yourself deflected away or so got dumped bowl in the circle to the right side. Tipped by Benino. Put onto the right board. And then sent back it was deflected into the zone as he got the puck around. Austin Watson Miller picks up four Vegas the long pass up ice. And that's taken back in the Nashville met, Dallas back cancer echo has it in the trapezoid. Returning to LSU comes off to the left side of sorrows. The bull line deflect the end of the left wing corner by cicis egos over rap nights. Get possession patiently up the left wing side for Alex. Tuck the spins around Craig Smith. Here's patra ready down the left wing dried the center broken up. And then intercepted and shot deflected over the crossbar. Paul staffy. Got a piece of that stastics backhands it over to his right side Ellis could not get that one around Patrick. In the corner to the right side of Sarah's up the board off to the blue line held in Theodore gears Chuck with a shot. He missed the net. Chuck is behind the goal knocked down to his ease of the left wing corner out at the point Theodore that goes candidate down to the corner now behind that tuck tries to come right out and fire to the sidewall my Ryan Ellis. Good job by this Golden Knights you to keep the puck in play in the attacking zone. Skipping down the right side. Angling England goes behind the net. Puck comes over to the right wing trying to chip away as England goes off in pursuit by the right point fans. Attempted shot comes down to the corner batch ready out from behind the net to the right wing side. Backhands it for talk Chuck left wing corner. He got swung around a bit there by Craig Smith who stole the puck away from him. And then the puck blows sprinting down that side, and it's not going to be an ice rink all around Theodore creditors. Get a change of state or took the puck. Goaltender Marc Andre Fleury about that first shift from the Vegas golden ranks. Really? Here's no sect deflecting o'clock in and then it's quickly swatted away, my sorrows and back to center. Gremaldi? Those over outside the blue line left wing. It just gets crushed against the wall, thereby reap. Comes over right wing side for Colin Miller. We played five minutes fifty five seconds of the first period. It's nothing nothing here in Vegas. Nashville zone. Reach left wing side slows down to the corner. Feeds it back out for maryl- maryl- return shit. No shit comes around baking rapper Albany lost control. The puck jab by the predators. Ryan Hartman and a shot is glove down by UCLA cheryl's was six fifteen gone here in the first period and the Golden Knights and predators. Nothing. Nothing on the fifth. Third bank's Nashville predators.

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