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A Roman Yossi Forsberg skates down that right circle this is the for here in the first that's Pete Weber the play by play man for the Nashville predators he can be heard on one oh two point five the game Filip Forsberg scoring one of just two goals in this one Matt Duchene had the other one as the preds were the one that snapped their three game losing streak to nothing was your final so that's four straight losses now for the stars you say saros had thirty three saves in this one for the predators to get them back in the win column that of course their first home game since losing to these Edmonton Oilers Monday night that eight to three loss in which the this exploded for five goals in the third period and shortly thereafter is when the tornadoes went through it Nashville devastating tornadoes and that community trying to gather itself after that tragedy and the preds providing at least a little alternative relief there with the two nothing victory over the Dallas Stars tonight elsewhere in the NHL the hottest team right now the Philadelphia flyers they took a seven game winning streak into their contest against the Carolina hurricanes players take control what gets it up the right way here's had like seven that's Tim Saunders ninety seven five of the fanatic as Philly would go on to that eighth consecutive win for one of your final over the hurricanes have not dropped four row five of six and six of their last eight they entered the night on the outside looking in of that Eastern Conference wild card picture again we'll update that for you in a couple minutes as well as where things stand in the west again for one your final Philadelphia over Carolina let's continue on another team just scrambling to stay alive in the wild card race they came in with that second spot but the islanders had gone over to win two in their last four contests as they travel to Ottawa Everly turns it back to the point tapes.

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