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And then we'll sell billions of dollars of junk to scare mama. That's what it is one hundred percent with this business. Sorry. Well, you're right. And this might scare you too on the other hand. Because of course, they're saying that doesn't mean you should stop using sunscreen. However, the researchers measured the concentration of four different active ingredients in the bloodstream from that three remained in the bloodstream up to seven days. One chemical showed up in the breast milk. And they said you hit your limit of having it in your body after two hours. So if you keep replying, it's just getting worse. And meanwhile, that chemical the one that shows up the breast milk, it's Oxy Ben's on. That's also the one that's scientists believe to be talked to coral reefs. That's why Hawaii's band that kind of sunscreen that contains it because all the coral reefs are trying white instead of vibrant color. So all the folks that are talking about coral reefs or the environment or those own or anything gonna make a big state. Oh there. To say shit care, by the way. This doesn't follow their theme theme is we gotta go make. We gotta make sure there's no nuclear power plants belt. Not this shit being applied say they pick. And choose a second secondhand smoke. And no nukes the part. We rub the poison on your kids, and they absorb nodding not interested. That's what good mom's still, right? That's good. That's good bad stuff. I would imagine you guys know this better than me. But I would imagine some of it comes a lot of sure it comes from scare tactics for sure, but I imagine a lot of it comes from peer pressure, shaming friend. That's part of the hair luck. They do kind of the scare meets love. And then society just kicks into overdrive every time, I tell people I don't use shampoo. Everybody goes, oh, it's so groans. And that would affect me if I didn't think you're fucking imbecile. And I was genius. And I knew everything so if I had little cracks of doubt that were entering I would go. Rose. Instead, I know everyone's fucking stupid. And so I just don't do it. But that's how it worked. Most people are wired that way once everyone starts. When people start casting that I upon them. And they they start judging them, then they cave, and they do it. All right. Well, Netflix has announced its first original game show and many people are really disturbed by it. It's called flinch, and it seems to be a game where people receive electric shocks fail at a challenge. People's somebody called it. Fear factor not haw because this little barn and in Ireland. So it's film on on a farm in Northern Ireland. Contestants must try to not flinch when loud air horns blasted in their ears paint balls or shot at them Joan Maghera hosted a show like this was your heart rate. It was trapped in that chair the chair. I remember the alligators and she'll go for heart rate. But I'll show you. I'm gonna show you guys the trailer. Maybe we can put it up the trailer shows people sitting in a makeshift bar and holding out these two rods inside of these metal circles. So if they flinch and the rod hits, the circle they operation. Yeah. Exactly. So there's Jack in the boxes there's rats. There's all kinds of stuff and like in the rat. One your finger will. Snapped. If you flinch from the rat social media reaction to the show has been overwhelmingly negative people are calling it torture disguised as entertainment, I'm going to show, you some of the trailer. Call your own out because I know you don't love this kind of thing. Adam it's pretty crazy. Lynch, you way, players are about to have your bravery push to the max, the flinches consequences for you. Point. Flinches release to be crowned the winner. Not ready. The games begin. Good at this game. Great. Once you tell me it, mathematically, it's not gonna happen. Then I would be fine with it. Yeah. I don't stand chance. So just all these little torture games..

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