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News all right guys welcome back. It is time for our call to Action Segment Hashtag. So if you're on social media you may have seen the Hash tag free reality winner and that spearheaded by reality winters mom billy J winner Davis or at B._J.. Winner Davis on twitter so reality. Lee Winner is a former air forced linguist and intelligence contractor that served honorably in the air force and she'd never been convicted of a crime before but while working for the N._S._A.. As a contractor in May of two thousand seventeen <hes> that's the day trump fired Komi. She printed out a report from her work computer `puter detailed hacking attacks against local election officials in voter databases in over twenty one states in the U._S.. So a few days later she smuggled it out of the office in her pantyhose and she sent it to the intercept. That's a media that and the F. B.. I. Arrested or two days before the report was published after being denied bail four times <hes> and held in a small county jail in rural Georgia for over a year reality changed her plea to guilty and agreed to a plea deal that landed her the longest sentence ever for a crime of this type in the United. States the prosecutors recommended sixty three months and the judge obliged and the problem there is that normally federal cases based their sentencing on damage to national security <hes> and she pleaded guilty in June of two thousand eighteen after being held for over a year in prison and as we said and she did apologize took responsibility for her actions <hes> and U._S. Attorney Bobby L. Christine a trump appointee said winners purposeful violation put our nation's security at risk and caused exceptionally grave damage to U._S. national security but did it because according to Robert Cat natch a former D._O._J.. Lawyer in the Civil Division he says that in this case no one's identity was revealed and no one was endangered and despite that and her honorable service they handed down the longest sentence ever imposed in a federal court for unauthorized release of government information to the media at like for example in twenty three twenty thirteen former F._b._i.. Agent got forty three months for a leak of a foiled bomb plot in Yemen to the Associated Press that same year a C._I._A.. Agent was given thirty months for revealing the identity of an undercover agent like blue cover in two thousand fifteen a former C._i._A.. Agent got forty two months for leaking secret opt to disrupt Iran's nuclear program to the New York Times so this is just a sentence or it doesn't seem like it seems retaliatory right. It seems like an attempt to silence information about the Russian hacking operation because that threatens the legitimacy of trump's election first of all and perhaps retaliation for her frustration with trump's firing of Komi which you know meets the federal manual criteria materia for obstruction of justice when he fired by the way so in his press release on the day of Winter Sentencing <hes> U._S.. Attorney Christine Bobby Christine indicated that the sentence was meant to be harsh enough to send a deterrent to any other whistle blowers out there and the judge in the case even verbally expressed that there was no doubt reality winner would never see the inside of a courtroom again these statements themselves indicate the her sentence was not just <hes> but the D._O._J.. And this administration appears very pleased with the manner in which reality winner has been treated and her harsh sentence for over over five over five years in prison so much so that earlier this year at an at an Annual D._O._J.. Awards banquet those involved in securing this record breaking sentence. We're given awards. I didn't know you had awards for this. <hes> realities mother Billie Winner Davis acknowledges fully that her daughter violated her oath and contract by releasing classified documents in the manner in which she did but her treatment and the sentence <hes> forgiving US proof of threats to our democracy appear to be disproportionate and clearly a result of of an overzealous prosecution meant.

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