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Me and i didn't even use if would donovan mitchell. He will be bad. You said how healthy is. He says they would be better. I said they would be better if they had donovan mitchell. And they won't be but this is what they're going to do if donovan mitchell is back one hundred percents. I'm saying the utah. Jazz is a legitimate contender out of the west and to me. I think the front runner because they've proven all year. They should be looked at as the front runner. I'm not making that up. Look at this statistical categories of where they're at and they are number one as a team and winning so to me. I'm not making an. I'm looking at what their dna and they're they're winnie jazz guys. They wanna regular season around the utah jazz. I'm yeah he seems to have forgotten that the warriors are so much better without. James wiseman okay and kelly. You break the. Where's it gonna play small ball and utah's going to be in trouble. Do not be surprised. Lavar if rudy gobert comes off the court a lot because he's gonna get pick and roll to death by steph curry in that first round. I don't really care about donovan. Mitchell but if go bare can't be on the floor. They're in deep trouble against golden state. Chris you've covered the league long enough. You know what happens in the playoffs. It's all about matchups. And utah verse. Golden state is not a great matchup for the jazz j. You don't care about donald michie. No he's not the number one guy in that series. Not the number. Two is the number three it steph curry rudy gobert and then donovan mitchell in that series rudy. Gobert is great but donovan. Mitchell gives them their offense. And i get it. They moved the ball tremendously. They shoot the threes. Very well. As i said come playoff time. You need a guy that can break somebody. Dow is bogdonovich. Doing that is joe ingles. Doing that is anybody outside doing that. 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Last year barely was even active. You get you signed. Blake bortles has been dismissed from almost everything that he's been on has not been productive. And now you sign a kurt been kirk like a guy who just was off the street so you look at that roster and if you're matt leflore you're looking like i can't run my offense davante adams can't be who we expect him to be with these guys under center there. They have to sign. They have to make sure that they get aaron. Rodgers back into the building period. If they have any chance being any type of contender. It's with aaron rodgers under center. Everyone knows that the green bay packers are smart. They're not oldest yes. They're trying to plan for the future but they also want to win and in order for them to win. They need the guy who wears number twelve under center point blank. So however they need to Sift whatever's going on and smooth it out. They need to do that and address. When your head coach is saying i want him back in the worst way what is he truly saying. I can't provide who. I am and what i what i do for this team. Offensively without that guy at this point where we are with our current personnel in the guys we have under center or who is going to be in the billie. i can't provide that we. We will not be the same team. And everyone knows that including aaron rodgers. Which is why i believe. He's making them sweat. I don't know what is going to take to get him in the building but the green bay packers lead to explore every single option. Yeah i agree. And the florida make it very clear that he wants to have aaron rodgers back in and i'll say this.

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