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Remote Alaska a man who survived for about three weeks in sub-zero cold is now talking. Alaska state troopers found thirty Tyson Steele late last week next to a makeshift shelter. An a big SOS signs stamped in the snow. He told Katie. UTV In anchorage. He woke up to find his cabinet on fire. He got out. His dog did not horrible to watch. The fire destroyed his home. Most of supplies. I just I sat down on on the on the ground for a while. Like just was cold. I didn't have any socks in my boots and I was just wearing Pajamas at that point and a t-shirt not hearing from steel friends and family asked a police check on him. He'd been living alone in the wilderness about fifty miles southwest of Denali since September. He says he will rebuild some resilience to end the hour here now is a production of NPR WR in association with the BBC World Service. I'm Robin Young. I'm Tanya Moseley this here and now exploring secular spirituality gonNA turn to literature. What themes should we include the things that help us live life with more meaning with more purpose? And if I had a secular Bible it would be this one. which book is that? We'll tell you and give you a list of others that inspire and instruct next time here.

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