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Disagree seven twenty six forty two degrees right now Oct to St new expected hit sixty five degrees and then we've got an unbelievably gorgeous weekend coming away temperatures mid to upper sixties between Friday to Tuesday Prodi a qualm all right we're going out to me finally spring is here and what your may first is Friday and able as been a you know twenty is a picture of you got the blue angels yeah they're going to fly over to the you know there's a picture on my night stand at my birthday dinner last year and it was me my wife and my kids and I was really ten now I know the tender spots open but you can see that was a real wasn't a fake tan was a real ten in around my birthday by the nineteenth we've got a really lousy once a month that is all going to change starting today into the weekend so may comes when the weather's going to be gorgeous and I'm gonna say it again I said on Twitter I say it on the show much of the ire of many people go outside don't wear a mask I don't care what Cuomo says I don't care who's it around you suck up that vitamin D. get that sunshine and you'll feel better quickly along on your immune system and if a couple of kids couple young people get it will only help right help get us to her community a lot quicker that's it that's the bottom line Joe was in Smithtown today he's online too good morning Joseph good morning guys listen I gotta tell you I find it offensive that this guy como telling me what to do he can't even control his brother there will not be spent without a mask on and then when a guy challenged and what do you want to hit the guy I mean this is amazing and then a month ago he's talking about how god blesses mother she was making meatballs and everything these poor big but the virus can leave its melody ball what's let's miss Edith even know where this jam is coming from west clemenza when you need him unbelievable and then speaking of his mother Matilda the whole the nursing home the Bakul where you ordered but people with corona virus back to the nursing homes overnight we gave no notice and people died twenty five percent of the death the New York state occurred in nursing homes he tried to avoid the friend that yesterday here is governor Cuomo this is formal one talking about exactly Bernie what you just talked about nursing home wants to transfer to the comfort yeah except the comfort is a federal facility doesn't take transfers from nursing homes I don't know transferred a loss but that's a lie that's why the comfort wouldn't take a tree is you know he's so full of crap look all they had to do was instead of the hospitals forcing the nursing homes to take these coronavirus patients elderly coronavirus patient again I'm no notice it was overnight these these but those in homes were not prepared for it he could have sent them from the hospital two thank you S. N. S. comfort correct the Javits center because we could have done correct so he's he's just distorting the facts right is totally lied he finalize a floor not a light Beijing cost lives yeah but you know he's had but many kids about his mom to tell me what about my mom or somebody else's mom when I was in home and out of support mommy formal here's Dickie it god I can't stand him two weeks ago I was always saying such nice things about a presidential look at this guy it becomes on the like on the last two weeks even what he did before letting out prisoners and you know pointing cop killers I think I dislike him more in the last two weeks at any point during his reign as the royalty of New York so forget he panicked with with the ventilators but the leaders he panicked he was wrong he was wrong was way off it was it was like a home that's that's not what a leader does leaders don't panic what you'll decide who's going to die all the thirty one thousand you decide ventilators ventilators revenue from all these all the governors like this war on Phil Murphy in New Jersey they want to be this guy for some reason I don't know why they should try to be more like the governor of the wine it I hope and I hope the highway.

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