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Undefeated. Crazy. Breaking doing alright a story, you ain't GonNa be. Fox England. Now, they got it on boxer already A. Louis. Bra But why are they doing what they doing? A Santamaria Lucas Lucas Lucas. Luke Luca Santa Monica. Look. It that. Urgency Argentines lack of. smashed. Joe. But that's crazy Santamaria they keep putting them tough. Tough tough. It's like PBC say yo you be do we want to kill you? Michael. Michael Fox yeah. Well first, they put them in with talent. He beat them they put them in with Jones. He beat them ninety put them in with well well, tele got the draw, but he deserved to be he was supposed to win. Damn they call crow the punisher. Lou Who's Who's Willie Willie Jones? Willie Jones. Willie Jones. and. That's all he wasn't as side as he was. He these fights PGA fights day. Gave Him. And he was the besides him, he beat the guys that he wouldn't be. Even Mc. I saw that. Yeah. No the Fox fight I i. You know I knew that and I saw that it's like the I didn't know Willie. Jones y'all how tall is crawl Crawl UH. Five nine ish well, not sure I guess guys five am at least. So this is going to be a the is five eight this. Is Not going to be that whole chasing them. They're GONNA Bang here. All my life. I hate when they have one fighters reach and not the other. No I'm spitting them out about that. You about the receiver. But the spirit you know saying. Is. The third. US. Saying now, IOTA PTR to man. But let me see if I could get it again, Bro Shit, shit is over. They come in for my own I never let it go. They try five times, but they never caught the flow burning caddy big up INFO job. I'm ready. John. Snow. It's a flight. It's a Nah. Dave. It's a fight toe to toe spin. Spence versus Puerto Low blow bright lights you break in putting on a show. Tommy gig gritty saying. Dumi. Done Ya silly. One more worse border wars with the daily Danny Garcia. See the beat is crazy. I did the whole song to the beat man. I'm glad I got it. I got it that good the first time but. Yeah, man, let me just stop chain. Twitter more McGee on instagram. Go ahead. Sorry I was going to say Ryan Supachai. Going with the negativity Sam beginning of the end for CPI in house fighting. ooh. Is Beginning to end nine. I get my mandatory rematch in. and become the champion again. I'm sorry I gotTa beat my friend. In re gay. Of Ghia. McGill. Con. Gear was worse to give the curse thing. Last. Line those a dope line y'all Qigong me sick and I get a fight. Oh, I thought you thought it was a promoter. I thought you understand fight dog come back home. And you can handle I'm scratching the style going back to battle Yo own with me come back to E. C. P.. By e in the guy to worry come home me. I try to pull a song move I. Know, but you don't want to you. Know they call me. But I've been giving gold advice for three weeks. You've been trying to do singles for three weeks I'm saying. Now you know what we're to talk behind the scenes, right? You know what I'm saying but like I'M GONNA just battle every week no more songwriting until I got the belt. Strap season we. got. You See. This is lackluster for me man do it. You See IRA face twisted. He starts smirked when you said until I got the distract, he's already visualizing a second win. Over Mario, he sees that you talking about him even thinking I got beat Mario again you've seen that Mario you better get senior seen that you saw 'cause I'm like Click Clack I'm Jeff Kuni Mario won't put him on his back. I let the crowd influence me in the fight. You know how you you? Shave fighting a booth. I started off. DUMI LEMON had 'cause I be crying. It had. Don't have. 'em. Flintstone. Eight gemstones raises don't be wasting all of them bars as. Cash. S I got to pick up my daughter Stone Boomerang case member stone poor. I gotTA. Remember. that. Upgraded Yo, you want to raise stone bone. Well. And that's a no fellows going to pick up malloy..

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