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On voting rights for Americans. Lot of people are saying that this is unnecessary that we don't need this Voting Rights act or that this voting rights act goes too far. A lot of other people say we absolutely need this in part because of what states have been doing that is acting as voter suppression for so many Americans that is trying to prohibit people from voting, particularly people of color, who they presume are going to vote. A majority of them are going to vote for Democrats just because that's the way that it's been for the The last few decades. Well, I want to tell you about this story, Um Greg Paus writes this, but there's also a great video on it, he says Pamela Reardon wants to stop camera Horn from voting. Reardon is running for vice chair of the state Republican Party, and she filed a legal challenge to to camera horns vote. But not just hers. Also 32,378 other voters in Cobb County, she has challenged these voters. Under a little noticed provision of Georgia's new voting restriction law. It's called SB 202. Reardon has never met called Contacted Horse isn't who she is. The woman happens to be an African American, and she's accused her of the felony crime of voting illegally because Like the thousands of others that she has challenge She says she doesn't live in Cobb County. While the investigative team Greg Palace investigative team reached this woman to camera Horn at her home in Cobb County, confirmed she is a legal voter. Nevertheless, weirdness challenging her vote. Is she's and she's not alone. This woman the who's running for vice chair by the way, supported by Marjorie Taylor green, She and 87. Other Republican operatives have filed challenges under the new law in Georgia to block 364,000 voters in Georgia. From having their ballots counted. They did a review of these ballots. Most of the people who are challenged are people of color now. Greg Palace did an interview. It was cut short. But he didn't interview. Um of this woman. The woman who is doing the challenge Pamela Reardon and we have we have that interview the Greg palest interview with You Have that ready for us. Pamela Reardon, Greg Palest interviewed her in her home. Uh, in Cobb County, And she said that she and her fellow challengers, including the chairman of the Cobb County Republican Party, were given the verified hit list by a group called True The Vote. It's a right wing group out of Houston, Texas, and she admitted I did not speak to the 32,000 people, the ones whose vote she's challenged, in fact. She didn't speak to any single one of them. We're about to meet with the GOP official who says that she has personal knowledge that 32,000 people are.

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