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But. Anyway Guam thing What you think, about it Take whatever anybody offers, if they don't like it What I don't understand what's so hard Don't y'all Jerry Of, course of, course they don't trade. Him it's not Manny Machado at the trade, deadline? Right number, two Air guy Okay but I can't listen only outrage from these people in the media because By with I kinda take out there With. A grain of salt cover Whether it's an to let you go because it sounds like you're in a windstorm whether it's LeBron and a completely different. Situation or hate or. Anybody else I don't look outrage I look at asking the questions. And ater was asked tough questions I thought the one question he really tripped up on he really, tripped on was when somebody said I think it was what's changed in your mind over the. Last seven years or. Eight years and he said, nothing. And, then the, reporter says nothing well. You tweeted, you hate gay. People I mean so nothing's changed I think he. Really tripped up on that answer so I don't look at it as they. Have fake outrage or real outrage I look at it as he was, there to have to answer questions and I thought it, was more, difficult for Lorenzo. Cain Jeremy Jeffers and Christian yelich anybody else on the brewers are going to have to answer questions about something that really. Has nothing to do with them let's. Go to Troy and suffering hatred what's going on Yup So I hear you talking about this hater guy and kind of joking around about ten to twenty five demographic twenty. Two so I just kinda thought I weigh in on. That go. Up, yeah so I kinda wanna get into the the radio industry one, day maybe, sports but so some sort of dust or. Media and I remember a couple of months. Ago I'm not sure which one might have been even going over when I came. Out I remember going back and it's like going back on my own personal. Twitter 'cause I when I was growing, up I think I was like. Thirteen Right right you fit right demo where you never know what came out so. What did you find nothing like nothing like dot is hater guy I went. Back and anything that was not related, to sports I just wanna say I. Don't understand how these guys not always a professional baseball player. He's an all star Got to know that you have these. Tweets out there right You think that is true you bring up a very interesting point and I'd put this more on the agent and, those that represent you where when you're, now in the spotlight even if you're. Not an, all star you're just a major league baseball player your, tweet maybe comb through and people may be looking for, stuff and there's another Twitter account and most. Of the time it's funny, and, it's not. Over the top I think, it's old athlete tweets or old I. Forget the exact name but, they find all tweets from athletes. Some of them are dirty no doubt and some of them the ones I find the funniest are the ones that attack the team that they're now on the sitting there, as a fan and they're. Ripping the Lakers and now they're they're Laker things like that But. I like our last caller is twenty two years old and he's saying you know what hey I gotta make sure there's nothing there I gotta go you tweets interesting Anthony, and Hempstead what's up Anthony Hey how's it going oh I called up the other, day and you? Got, upset I said bad about the grandma. Didn't mean to, offend the, drama. I think he's. A great? Pitcher I someone like l. Duke Hernandez. For the yank someone like that Anthony what I'm not gonna yell at you I think what bothered me if, I remember the call, correctly as you? Were creating a false narrative that Jacob degrom is is that fair Maybe in the piglets of spot that's. Not real low because I think the biggest of spots is a winner take all game and he pitched a winner take all. Game, at Dodger Stadium and did a pretty. Good job he had a bad meaning in the World Series that doesn't make him a guy that doesn't have ice blood, in his veins Bad about him you know he's got seven in the World Series I've, got a question for you go ahead I wanted to know what you..

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