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At Gmail dot com. All right, so Chris, as we kind of pseudo started today's show, we have to officially start today's show with a conversation about Thursday nights. Heavily anticipated showdown between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Brooklyn Nets. Two organizations that didn't like each other before the trade deadline. And then James Harden and Paul Millsap get traded for Ben Simmons Seth curry Andre Drummond and two first round picks. And this was as we were just discussing. This was Philly's first chance to boob and simmonds. It's Christmas, it's New Year's Eve. It's the 4th of July all wrapped into one three hour sporting event for a city that really loves to hate. They mock cheered when Simmons came out to dunk before the game, they chanted F Ben Simmons before the scoreboard made it ludicrous to do so. And in the end, of course, Simmons, who, again, did not play. He had the last laugh, the nets won one 29 to 100 James Harden when three for 17 from the floor, tyrese maxi scored four points. It was just a disaster for Philadelphia, but I'm just curious, when you were just watching, particularly, I guess, early on, and just as the game kind of flowed, what stood out to you, Chris. Yeah, after that moment I told you about it, I was like, oh, this shit's not even close. Stood out to me very quickly. Being on Twitter during it, it made me think of a couple things. I don't think we watched Philly, certainly, you know, when we talk about appointment viewing also, we all wanted to see harden and affiliate uniform. What does that first game or two look like for him? It looked pretty easy. You know, it looked pretty effortless in some ways. It becomes very easy to forget that they had not really played great competition in his first few games in Philly. And so, you know, kind of the plaudits and everybody, you know, myself included, I think, saying, you know, maybe Philly, maybe this was a really good deal for Philly and maybe this is a team that we need to start thinking about a little bit more in championship contention. As a contender, obviously I don't think anybody was counting them out necessarily, but maybe the idea of them being more of a favorite or closer to being a favorite is valid. So I mean, I don't know that there should be any massive takeaways I saw some takes last night that, you know, for a quick minute, depending on how much you've fed in the atmosphere, just kind of the hype around last night's game. People say, oh, look, Hardin disappears again..

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