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On years in san diego yeah it was great ever i enjoyed it you know in uh i'm glad to catch on on this station and you know it's really sad about the democratic party because uh robert uh both john and robert kennedy were for tax cuts robert kennedy center 1968 if you wanna help the middle class a the four you know you can't just throw money but he was for uh you know getting the private sector involved in the in the inner city areas which william f buckley complimented him on that and kennedy was for said you also have to give tax cuts like to the middle class in the president kennedy cut taxes 30 percent across the board and brought down the top rate from now ninety one is seventy percent and he was for the gold and silver standard balances budgets when he was in office so when these democrats and you've got other presidents like truman that believed in tax cuts and when adli stevenson was governor of illinois an elderly stevenson no you know raise revenue but he cut taxes and he would he had a good reputation of being somebody that produce jobs they're so there's a history of democrats going back and the 20th century that the current democratic party doesn't even bring up that they they didn't all and and reagan was influenced by this and he acknowledged that he'd knew that there were democrats who had and so he agreed with them about cutting taxes and balancing budgets so i i don't know why this party currently doesn't you know they're they're completely look at you know ignoring history and the fact that there were some prominent leaders who supported what trump's trying to do in fact trump has pray has as mentioned kennedy before and other of these people so and you know he's talked about that in fact i.

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