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I. It's going to be a sunny, warm day with has from the eighties to nineties. This report is brought to you by 12 Hour Music X from the Southern California Toyota Dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy. It's crashed on the 2 10 that's England or on the sheet and westbound before grand, still working on a crasher that takes away the carpool lane that the heavy traffic begins right around the 57 in DeVore on the 15 north, and just after the 2 15 that's erect with a big rig. It's blocking both the truck route bypass lanes. Apparently, there's a HAZ mat cleanup going on here as well. So traffic is a little bit heavy issue approach The 15 to 15 merge if I and this guy is sponsored by entry attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff talking about Hollywood Boulevard you betcha. Looks up might be a movie shoot. I'm really sure but there's a bottom line. Hollywood Boulevard closed Highland Toe orange, like Be there for a while. Uh, the south bound? Wanna wanna Highland? All friends, but not too bad yet If this stays in place for a while there, we'll let you know now much better news for the South bound. Wanna one itself Hollywood Freeway. Still kind of really slow. Ah, little bit before Vermont down towards four level, But the good news here the crash that was south, down one of much before the four level just cleared about no 2.5 minutes ago. If you do make the transition again to the South won 10 so little bit of right shoulder activities so little slow coming up the four level But again that should get up to speed pretty quick, too injured in an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff Bark a F I in the sky Traffic is sponsored by super Woman super lawyer dot com Que If I and this guy helps get you there faster are robbing banks. I A merry apartment hearing that a loved one has been injured in an accident can be overwhelming. Helping families is my passion helping yours is one call away 808 169 60. Superwomen superlawyer Come if you don't know what to do When you get lost in a hike stuff he should know. An incomplete compendium of mostly interesting things is here to help on DH. It.

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