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No. He's talking about. There's another guy who's in prison right now. And he was serving he was supposed to be in there for life, but listen to this. So he's part of the Manson family the Charles Manson family. He's seventy one years old name is Robert beau Soleil, and he wasn't involved in the killings of Sharon Tate, and the others by the Manson family nights at sixty nine. But he was convicted in the slaying of musician. Gary hinman the same year. What's what these the the man's affiliate? All these musician a lot of musicians to hang around while he thought of himself as a museum. Yeah. I mean, this Beausoleil too. I guess, but they were all kind of like they were they were a failed musicians, but really good killers. So you got to be good at something. They just went into the wrong career, right? By should've been a hired hitman. Yeah. So anyway, so this fall back career didn't work out. Real good plan b. What's great? He was convicted in the slaying of musician. Gary him in the same year as the the Sharon Tate murders. But here's the Hindu was tortured for three days, according to testimony at previous hearings, including when Manson cut his face with a sword. Sort has weird. Yeah. Anyway, the parole panels ruled against releasing Beausoleil eighteen prior times. But supposedly now they're thinking that okay? He's served fifty years. Almost fifty years is seventy one. So the incoming governor Gavin Newsom could block the parole in coming months, but chancellor he may not turned out governor Jerry Brown's consistently stopped, releasing his followers Manson's followers. But they're saying that there is the parole board saying that we don't see any reason why he shouldn't be released. But someone's gotta step in. There you kill at this guy out. You killed somebody for I what do you while, you know, he's he's more compassionate. Now your change, man. He's very thoughtful as inciteful. The only thing that's missing. From this statement from his lawyer is he's bored. Again, there's usually that in there. The only thing missing. From the statement is he has the desire to torture someone several days before right disposing of them. Here's the thing, though, if a guy's been imprisoned for fifty years, he's just chomping at the bit to torture and kill somebody. He hasn't been able to do it for fifty years Jones. From eating pizza for two years. The first thing I'm gonna do is go out and get some pizza. So here's the thing though. Gary Henman's cousin K hinman Marley, Lieutenant Thursdays. Parole. Hearing said Beausoleil was already lucky wants his death sentence in nineteen seventy was reduced to life in prison by appeals court. So he's supposed to get the death penalty originally, which I would have given them, of course. But he got life imprisonment. Now, they're considering letting them out I think the only reason is because maybe he can go out and make some more some of that good music that the Manson families to make.

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