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Joe shoe you ever wear in your entire life. Literally. I wear them every single day not a bunch of colors. But but yeah. So I just you know, I got these specifically for the Super Bowl. That's amazing. Yeah. The only the only fake thing that I bought that. I got I got caught on like in public was a huge George Washington fan. So I bought what I thought were his original wooden teeth. Yeah. I remember this. Yeah. Turns out they weren't they weren't as he was bras wearing wooden teeth for six months, and they weren't even they weren't even George Washington. Wouldn t stupid. I'm a huge fan. That emotion wouldn t that everywhere, and I was like man is beautiful George Washington. First president. And then somebody took a photo was like this mother fuckers weren't fake, George Washington teeth. I hate him. I took out these teeth so real bad about it turns out the original he was actually buried with. So I can't buy those out though, probably. Face to face. I like wooden teeth back. There's been dead for two hundred years. I don't think it's face. Look Michael before he was touching kids. He got the elephant man bones. I don't understand why I can't have George Washington's wooden teeth here. Just keep them in a nice case where we're going to the Super Bowl night where I'm out instead of instead of special occasions. Especially where wouldn't teeth to fuck in? That's a flex though. I huge huge flex. I'd have a like some type of exterminator. Over to to be like is there? Termites in the area. If not I'm not wearing the wooden teeth outs. Like, I didn't want to risk it. Risk George Washington wouldn't deep thou. After you've been through all this gotten so emotionally invested. Can you imagine losing those windy? Yeah. That'd be a killer. Besides the Anne, Frank nineteen forty one's what what's the shoe, the if you can go back in time, you wish you had. With an Frankel live in nineteen forty one. We're going to Google, but what's your? Anybody's shoe from history. Who would it be like their their personal pair? She died Forty-five five. So those forty ones would probably be like when she was on the move. The Frank forty ones is what I'd like to have. I think. Well, I don't think I could say the same. But those are probably fire straight fire. Well, are you talking like like any sneaker or like that person's shoe any? Yeah. That humans, Hugh. Okay. I would probably say. Andre the giants boot from wrestlemainia. The one who slammed body slams I want that giant boot. I wanna wear that around. There was an it's just the one booth by the way. Yeah. This is true story, by the way is. My my roommate in L A too commercial for Shaquille O'Neal. And so he was shocked was infamously known for autographing his gigantic size twenty ones and then giving them out. So we have one of those China's shack shoes like in my house forever. It took up a whole shelf. That's how big it was. And I was like oh, right. Cool man, that's Shaq's shoe, and we had it for like ten years, and it was an ongoing running joke of like, you know, my children were conceived in that. It never died. Anybody in human history. One shoe go. Maybe Michael Jordan's original Jordan one roof, maybe one. Yeah. It's crazy. My friend dre than when I was talking about the mob boss allegedly allegedly allegedly. He owns the original Space Jam sneaker. The Michael Jordan wore in the movie, the movie, that's awesome. It's worth two hundred and fifty thousand sure what about you, Danny anybody? I don't give a flock about any of that. I bet you want some murder. No, that's I mean, other murders like anyone Dwight Eisenhower's shoe that he did. No, no, nothing. Here's the thing with what you just said, you know, NBA players all suck in each other's Dicks now like LeBron serenading ex team mates and shit. Exactly. I'm not into that. Man. Don't I'm not a hater a huge hater, actually. Antiquated. I don't know anybody. More people than I don't know why even said that. It's definitely not true. But anyway, immediately retract like, I respect other murders for sure, but I'm I'm not gonna wear there..

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