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Think there's probably mostly people dislike him but can't be really because you think kelvin benjamin and zeh jones and jeremy curly are awesome probably not that eight oh three oh five fifty yup and glad to have that flash mob league back we're looking for some new blood there eventually that'll be like veteran is right before we'll do that right before the season i've got one tonight joe knows i think i've done a great job so far not bring it up yet that'll change as it gets closer whereas mccoy mccoy slips of course chris ivory gets drafted now i think oh for sure i'll let you know what happens there i think there's a decent chance i will pick chris i against that move like what was the need for this for the signing cosigned somebody fast and young and cheap better easily better like why can't you do that didn't draft anybody chris ivory so like i just was i is such an eye roll signing for me and i'm going to draft him tonight because there is a decent chance that mccoy goes away and chris ivory will be capital t their capital are running capital be back he will be there running back if that happens i don't think they i mean he's not nobody they're not gonna sign somebody to go on top him unless you could have been like a murray who retired there's no other the idyllwild like there's no one out there like that they're wide receivers you have a couple of guys but running backs adrian peterson okay well there might be somebody but i feel like my prediction would be ivory is like they're starting week one running back if mccoy's unavailable and the biggest thing in fantasy football is volume he's that's twenty carries right i mean even if they're terrible it's twenty carries a guy on the worst team in the nfl think of like powell last year maybe or crowell who's now their teammates with the jets guys like that in fantasy football it's like a third or fourth round draft pick so if i can get chris ivory in round sixteen and doing it i wonder if even cadet could be a guy people would look at maybe not to be drafted but like powell you just mentioned like the jets were bad and it wasn't the other guy in their forte a lot it was powell getting receptions in third down plays like catches out of the backfield and that's not ivories game so if the bills aren't going to be a great team this year from a fan perspective i would almost wait not draft him seattle plays out and maybe think i could pick cadet up because he on the roster here they resigned and they resigned them it's cadet no k that's a fair point i mean that's i think that's that's reasonable i've got five running backs listed here jones murphy cadet mccoy and ivory ivory right is that the five yup yeah that's the roster so there absolutely should be even if less shawn mccoy is on your team there should be that change of pace guy like eat good good teams with good running backs have that and you should have that so somebody plays that role but are they getting the ball on first and ten you know is like cadet getting the ball on for they have signed ivory always remember that an interesting situation in the league for fantasy player is the tight end situation in tampa bay you have great who's okay and you have help how would that analysis he's okay you have oj howard who was a fairly high draft pick and like talented and they signed break this summer and that is important in any sort of guessing about what it looks like when the season goes along the fact that they signed that guy is big because you're not going to sign them all you do is look like an idiot if you sign somebody and then just not use them so i think there's there's your clue and for the bills when was that i've removed too early for the bills to do that i would all i'm saying is i think they just moved to him if they have.

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