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Get on the train as in by, by metro card and fireworks lead to a stampede on an F train in sports, the Mets beat the Diamondbacks. I'll take him on again this afternoon. Game day start at three pm on WCBS eight eighty sixty four and clear. Just the headlines. This is w CBS News Radio eight eight. It's the first June and seven o'clock. CBS news. On the hour, presented by indeed dot com. I'm Jim Taylor. Twelve people killed the shooter dead at the city center in Virginia Beach that suspect killed in an intense gun battle with police chief James severa, we've recovered a forty five caliber, handgun with multiple extended magazines that were empty at the time. The suspect was reloading extended magazines in that handgun firing at victims throughout the building. And add, our officers CBS news, correspondent Natalie Branly said the suspect who is killed in an exchange with responding officers was a longtime public utilities, employees. They believe he was the only shooter so strict into building made. And he began to this criminally fire upon all the victims. A responding police officer was also shot, a thirty say his vest saved his life levee breach. And now a flash flood warning around Dardanelle Arkansas. Here's mayor Jimmy wit. It's rising on rapid pace. There's no way. No one. How how is gonna get a nursing home? Evacuating one hundred twenty patients sandbags around all the buildings across town Missouri's only abortion clinic will remain open court battle over access to abortion continues there a judge issuing temporary restraining order, citing with Planned Parenthood to keep the clinic in Saint Louis up and running CBS news. Correspondent Maria Victoria..

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