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With political ambitions made his first visit to the us for six weeks. He toured the country with a coterie of young europeans. All expenses paid by the german marshall fund a think tank devoted transatlantic cooperation. America had long fascinated victor orban but he seemed disengaged and unaffected as the group walked around downtown los angeles which was still reeling from the rodney king riots. Two months earlier one dutch journalist on the trip recalled that the eastern europeans in the group preferred to spend their daily stipends on a walkman and other electronics rather than on food or fancy hotels the free market and cutting edge technologies certainly appealed more to auburn than american debates and struggles over equality justice. All the rights of people of color opens indifference to the plight of western minorities became more apparent during a tool of the mit la indian reservation in oregon alban and one of his travel companions. The polish journalist malaysia bocek listened to local complaints about economic injustice. He responded with questions about land distribution. Why didn't the native tribes draft a strategy to monetize that common lands off to rule. This was what hungarian smallholders like his parents had been doing. With local collective farms since the end of communism open begun to sketch a business plan for the reservation but when his umatilla interlocutors didn't respond with enthusiasm he quickly lost interest. What fascinated auburn most during the rest of the trip was high politics. The group tool finished in new york city in july where he attended the democratic national convention at madison square garden and watched bill clinton's nomination to the sounds of fleetwood. Mike's don't stop. The excitement of the occasion was not lost on alban visiting the us reaffirmed his own desire to become prime minister of hungary at the time. The nature of the west's appeal to young eastern europeans was changing in nineteen eighty nine when all been studied at oxford university on a soros foundation fellowship. The weston consensus of the late cold war deregulated capitalism social stability and national traditions. Still held sway. These were the values. He wanted to bring back to his home country three years later by the time of his trip to the us a shift was palpable. While free markets still reigned supreme european and north. american culture. Had moved into a more introspective mode. Orbin liked clinton ism as an approach to administration and economics but had little interest and western human rights discourse discussions of gender and race or the legacies of colonialism and the holocaust albans enthusiasm for american economics and indifference to american cultural. Concerns was a sign of the direction. Hungary and poland would eventually take in the coming decades in the nineteen nineties. The two countries led eastern europe and economic shock. Therapy pushing market reforms beyond what they're western advises demanded but in cultural terms. The polish and hungarian right chose the more conservative course. The result is that both countries have continued to see themselves as deeply european even as they have stared further away from east style liberalism a decade after. She visited the imitation reservation in oregon with all auburn margarita. Bottleneck became an advisor to polish president. Lack cushioned ski. Who together with his brother. Yaroslav founded the conservative nationalist party law and justice which now has the support of nearly forty five percent of the polish electorate albans. Fidesz party commands a super majority of two thirds of the seats. In the hungarian parliament. Both parties have enacted similar policies filling the courts and media with pro government judges and journalists driving out left wing and liberal ngos academics and universities violating the each oughta fundamental rights by restricting or banning access to abortion and denying legal recognition to transgender people.

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