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Now, while you still can't Chris Jericho cruise dot com, we are headed towards a sell out or setting sale October twenty. Seventh of the killer lineup from Miami to the Bahamas. And remember when you purchase your cabin, all food concerts live podcast stand up shows meet and greets autograph sessions wrestling matches. All of them are free. Once you book a cabin, everything is included in your cabin price except for alcohol and gambling. So come hang out and have fun and see the big main event that you could only see on the cruise, the alpha club versus the bullet club, the bucks of Jericho, or is it why? Jackson versus Kenya? Mega Cody and Marty skirl don't feel also impact versus ring of honor, Sammy Callahan versus mardi. Skirl in a no rules deck fight. Also, we got LAX versus young bucks and a huge ten man elimination war bring on versus impact, which of course is going to be the young bucks. Cody mardi girl out on page versus LAX. Sammy Callahan Brian cage and Johnny Morris, Johnny impact. The whole gang live talk. Jerick is also with Ricky the dragon steamboat another one, remembering Eddie Guerrero with Conan Arabia's through another one with the entire bullet club. Another one with Jim Ross and Jerry king Lawler Mick fully doing his twenty years of hell. Stat of show talk at all about the amazing how in the cell. So they had so many years ago, twenty years ago to be exact exact with the undertaker Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler during the JR on the King Live show. And like I mentioned before, the first round of the tournament has been announced, broccoli, lethal Whitmer, Daniels delirious skirl Titus young flip Gordon bracket Mark Briscoe versus Ferrara page because Aaron cheeseburger, versity bruiser, and Jay Briscoe over skinny King Live music from Fosse, Corey Taylor. Of Slipknot, and stone sour. Phil Campbell about king the stir, the Dave Spitak project. He's up for an award this week at the Calgary, a music awards out of the cherry bombs darlings of rock and roll shoot to thrill the rules, best female of these caravan. They're coming up on an episode of talks Jericho, very soon. Blizzard of Ozzy the world's best Ozzy cover band so much more keeping at one hundred versus kill in town. Going discount furniture, Shane house versus Lazenby, Don Tallus, and we'll find a third form a more beyond the darkness will be telling scary tales, gold Cabana. Marge Rosa doing them. I wrestling show so much doing on live comedy from Brad Williams, Craig gas, Ron, funches solid cue from the joker Noel fully is going to be there Mandy Leon's going to be there. Kelly Klein sumit's sokai brandy roads. So Cal Val is the guest stretcher. There's so much going on. This cruise do not miss out, like I said, less than fifty cabins left. So go to Chris Jericho, cruise dot com and be part of history. All right. Coming up on Wednesday toured from last last year. Great guys. From Sweden hardcore superstars here, and they have some great rock and roll tales about motley Crue lemme. Very, very funny. Dude. I'm excited to hear it. Have a great weekend in the meantime between stay hard, stay cool, stay hungry, big poll. The Westwood One podcast network.

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