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F L Rockets continue to fly from Gaza into Israel. Israel continues to respond with its own rockets into Gaza as well and Jewish community here in Dallas. You feel like you what you wanna somehow support Israel and and do something, or at least least conservative Jews do right. Well, I think. Ah, lot of Jews do. Um, you know that who are pro Israel? Joining us now to provide a local perspective on how the violence is affecting them. And with more information on the big rally planned for later today is Benji Gershon. He's the president of Dallas Jewish conservatives and he's on the line. Good morning, Benji. Good morning. How are you? Good. So can you give us your perspective and your thoughts on what's going on in Israel? Absolutely so. Unfortunately, there's a terrorist organization known as Hamas has hijacked the Palestinians with their own evil agenda, and they've been the raining out down. Thousands upon thousands of rockets into Israeli cities, terrorizing our Jewish people and anyone that lives in Israel. And unfortunately, the imported hijack their own people in Gaza could have been a paradise for them. They've been given incredible amounts of resource is and money for many, many years. Unfortunately, all of their money goes funding terror. Um, you know, instead of getting more vaccines there, studying their money on things like rockets s, Oh, it's it's pretty Really incredible. What's going on? Many things actually think that many of the rockets were they fire actually end up misfiring and actually landing on their own people and not the other on things like their own power supply and composite affecting their own hospitals. The reset situation so the The anger that in the and the passion from from those that care about the Palestinian people. They should be angry at Hamas. They're the ones who instigated this. They've been instigating this for years. They've been attacking Israel for years, and there seems to be no end and I'm not sure when I'll ever Learn, but they have the power to control their own destiny and simply is don't fire rockets at Israel. And don't say that you want to be tab Israel wiped off the face of the planet. It's really that simple. We heard Prime Minister Netanyahu on Sunday was talking about it and said, Well, I said, Can you imagine what it would be? If if some terror organization was lobbing missiles into Washington and New York? How would you respond? You know you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna defend yourself. And for some reason, that's a message that doesn't seem to register with a lot of Americans and people in Europe. What is it about people that can't understand? Israel's position. Um, well, I think very sadly, it starts with the media, and it's not. Not surprisingly that, uh, Israel seems to get blamed for many of the world's problems, and it's amazing because I believe it's the only country that will send down Uh, thousands upon thousands of leaflets and make phone calls telling people to please leave the area. We're going to attack. Because they care so much about every single Civilian, every single life eyes extremely important in Judaism and in general and also in Israel as far as the army goes, and so Israel is always trying to be, uh, you know, very, very calculated and measured in the response that almost having to walk on eggshells like to say, But I think that it's just unfortunate situation that That the media propagates in many cases, the where they just blame Israel for all the issues and problems and say they're the aggressors. In reality, they're just sending themselves like you said, if you have missiles being launched that Washington or raining down here in Tallis, Texas. I mean, it's he imagined we wouldn't the enemy would be obliterated, wiped off the face of the planet in about two seconds, But no, it is really could be fired. 4000 almost 4000 Rockets already in a week, and it Z like they can't they can't even defend themselves. Apparently, we're talking with Benji Gershon. He's the president of Dallas Jewish conservatives. Your group is conservative. And you've Ah, you're organizing this big rally tonight, which you say is bipartisan. Bipartisan. I've invited Countless left leaning and neutral organizations to participate. Whether they participate is another question. But I have invited everybody. He did everybody that loves and cares and support Israel to join, and that's really what's all about. It's all about showing your love and support for Israel. And standing up for the Jewish state. And expressing your first number right to do so. Give us the where and when. Yes, Where is going to be tonight at United States. This bank parking on its at 13101. Preston Road, Dallas, Texas, 75 to 40 to the northwest corner of pressing 6 35 Service Road. And it's going to be a 6:30 P.m. tonight Start there's Ah Palestine organization that said, it's going to run a counter rally at the same time. Does that concern you? Does not concern me. In fact, we do not have authorization actually be in the site that they claim they're going to be at private property. We have extremely high amount of police presence as well as on my our own private security team. They've both been briefed. It's going to be a very secure location will have both uniformed and plainclothes officers. I highly encourage everybody to come out and show your love and support for Israel. It'll be a very fun, lively and safe environment, and we're just excited for everybody to come together. Who loves Israel? I heard Glenn Beck. Maybe there is that true? We hope so. We hope so. We're trying T o get confirmation from today. Um, but we have some other really amazing problem that speakers you might have saw the out West. Chairman of GOP is going to be speaking s O couldn't get Glenn. Also, that'd be great. All right, Benji, Thank you very much for your time this morning, and we wish you a lot of Success with your rally and looks like you may be able to avoid some heavy downpours, So that's a good thing. Hey, man, I appreciate it. Thank you so much. Benji Gershon, president of the Dallas Jewish Conservatives, and again that's going to be at 6 30 tonight on the corner at 6 35 and Preston and I forgot in which corner talk about scorns the bank First corner idea. Do you hear that? Lamborghini is going toe Macon electrified. Vehicle, an electric vehicle. Why not? It's gonna hit the market in 2023. Wow. It's going to be a hybrid it first and then all models will be electric by 2024. So I'm guessing some how this is gonna be a lot more expensive than than a gas powered Lamborghini. Oh, I'm sure Z pretty. It's pretty and then they're not the only company that going to be all electric by 2030 Jaguar. Yep. Bentley Cadillac Lotus Mini Cooper, Volvo. Rebellion. Never heard of it. But we're on our way and Hyundai. We're on our way toward the totally electric vehicles..

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