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We have a very special guest. Joel mchale is i. Think if you're gonna propose you propose gotta be some sort of legitimate ranked. Morgan is from that seacrest. North always mitch on her mom you ever call me a liar again coming for you like her shirt. There's some foles everybody in here. Basically how the toilet boyfriend see in everybody's face so close to the toilet does make me start to think that maybe prisons not so are in charge of theme right. Yeah there's not a crew that oh so you think flat into bed with us starting right now. Nina is outliving her best life. So we've got jay. I love james. We list gossip guy. You miss your exactly going by now here too. We're happy about that. Always concerned because north west might only eight years old. But she's trolling her mom hardcore. She interrupted kim's instagram story to throw shade on what we like to call her influence. Boys why don't we talk different videos on the scene human being. I don't talk different. We talk guys is that we is that what i what i sound like. We show them what you doing doing apples me up like humans. What is this a mango things. I'm so glad that my beauty products can be used each show. Roy glamorous because you always glad you man that's cute. That is very cute. I love it. She's hilarious and she's calling al kids. They have no filter. Like they give you the real at all times and i honestly went north to be around her mom all the time so we can just always get the real no matter what she says. North is like actually mom. This is how you feel like. I just want to north to always snitch on her. Mom kim does have an infamous influence voice. Where she's like. Hey guys it does really good. What do you mean. all. I do is watch videos all day long. Not getting the north west is the funny. One out of the entire kardashian collective. Yeah i love that about her. And it's funny to think that like in ten years she's going to be at some dingy standup club. Trying to make it you know. Just nobody's showing up. She's doing friend passes. You know what. I would love to see that there is going to be there doing state up to six people who are all waiting to go up. Heyman stand up can be luxurious to. Isn't that always dingy. It's now five people there all right erica. Versus sutton battle continued lesson on the real housewives of beverly hills. Oh you guys have to watch erica. Wanted sutton to shut the cup. But now she's making threats worse. Everybody wants me to be honest with you and transparent so i'm trying to do that. Would you to get sued. No i'm about to really lose my all of you. Calm down take a breath you ever call me a liar again. I'm coming for you. Entertain a lot. And i do not ever recall anything going off the rails like this threatened you. I promised you. I made a promise to you. The souffles probably falling in the kitchen throw. It's promise if i'm gonna be threatened and all of that. I'm not pushing into the chair for someone as they get up. It's a good move. Get on outta here eric. How did not handle that. Well i think like the whole erica. Stores little fishy to me is it. Yeah like her shirt. There's some holes. I they be so much i think i bring that up is because what the any of them wearing them. Yeah it looks like they shopped. At now you live lunches garage so you know you have one that you love. Who did you say you love during the video. I really do love kathy health. In the winter she looks the best out of all of them in my opinion. Who's the one who looks like wearing a pumpkin with arts and crafts on it. That's exactly it looks like a pumpkin that northwest. It's a makeup due to go. I'm so happy you found each other. I have a friend all right. Let's move on because twitter's today big debate rape big debate. Leave that in. Would you rather have dinner with jay z. Or would you rather have five hundred grand because the music platform titled entered the chest over. The big question is take money. Have dinner with jay z. Think about it. It doesn't it doesn't take much thought for me like even if you have a great dinner. Jay z and by the way. How long has this. Dinner is like a weekend getaway or is this like a thirty minute. sit down. this is a two hour dinner no matter what information you give from him. You're going to have to put in a lot of work to get rich. People think oh. I talked to jay z. I'm a millionaire next year like it doesn't work like but if i get five hundred thousand dollars today with flipping that baby. We are making investment. Sell good. i'm spending that recklessly. Because i have no guidance from jersey z. I would take the dinner jay z. I will say. I've been in the same room as jay z. I was at one party with him to name him and he was. There was a sushi bar. He's to the sushi chef. Most of the time laughing. But you feel the aura. It's very real. There's a serious star power there. He remembers every person's name and somebody had told my husband that is why he has a billion dollars because he will he meets you once he will. Never forget your name. So there's your advice for free you don't even need to have the dinner and finally hollywood is blowing up with celebrity pregnancies. But we're ready to look into the future you guys. It's time for celeb- superlatives baby addition brought my caption anyway. Me kylie jennifer lawrence. We're all pregnant so out of all of our babies who's most likely to be the social butterfly. Be a movie star being influenced her be the teacher's pet my opinion they're all gonna be influencers. Okay none of them are going to be movie stars because that's over. Well they're just they're going to have lives of being like you know they're going to be the child's children of celebrities so it doesn't really matter they're not going to need a skill so they'll all be influencers. He called me celebrity at anchor. No way you're going to be teachers spat you think your kids gonna want to be funny in class all day. Your kids teacher's pet. The teacher's pet is when you bring an apple. And you're saying you're not no way. Here's my insider information into crossroads high school. Hey monica which is a very private gleaming beck and help my boys the prince of preschools nothing seriously snuff okay. It's james back all we get in early. All i'm saying crossroads night live every year and i do. We can update with bob sagging. Oh let me pick up that name out she is. That's where my kids gotta go crossroads. Nothing but celebrities. Drop off their kids to learn. So i've seen how celebrity kids blue las them or not most of them. Blessing hoffman's kids. I mean damon wayans junior. John david about jonah hill.

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