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The Bloomberg business app. This is Bloomberg radio. Now a global news update. A change of power after the death of a queen, King Charles says he's pledging himself to uphold the principles of his nation as its new monarch in a pre taped address after the death of Queen Elizabeth, Charles said his wife Camilla will not have a new title as queen consort. He also elevated Prince William to the Prince of Wales, he gave mention to his son prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan, but made no mention of any new titles. He praised his mother's dedication to her people, adding, it never wavered. He added the respect and admiration she got became a hallmark of her reign. Charles said Queen Elizabeth was a life well lived. The mosquito fire continues to force thousands of people from their homes in Northern California, John Bernie has the very latest. The fire made a significant run doubling in the past 24 hours to just under 30,000 acres with 0% containment. That doesn't mean the progress towards containment isn't being made. We're still building containment lines. Public information officer Chris vestal says conditions in the afternoon hours present a challenge on the fire lines. And preheats the vegetation and it allows it to burn more freely and actively. Smoke is helping by keeping temps down, but it also prevents aircraft from joining the fight. And Texas Kevin or Greg Abbott says he's sending additional Department of Public Safety officers to uvalde. This comes after a shooting just a mile away from the site of the elementary school massacre in May, investigators believe the shooting at Yvonne Memorial Park that injured two juveniles this week was gang related and four suspects are currently in custody. The governor said he has directed DPS to patrol suspected gang hotspots in Yuval and coordinate anti gang efforts with the city, Abbott's announcement comes just days after the department confirmed 5 troopers are being investigated for their actions during the school shooting, including two that have been suspended. I'm Jim Forbes. Some big rule changes are coming to Major League Baseball next season, among them is a pitch clock. Pitchers will have 15 seconds to throw the ball to home plate when bases are empty. That time will increase to 20 seconds when a runner is on base. A popular defensive move, known as the ship will also be restricted to infielders must be on either side of second base when a pitch is thrown. All infielders must also be physically in the infield. Meantime, another rule change will see first second and third base become bigger. A lab is emitting a mistake when sampling water for arsenic in water at the Reese houses in New York City, Lisa G has the very latest. Environmental monitoring and technology says it contaminated the water samples with arsenic themselves that resulted in false positive results for that toxin. Residents for about a week had not been using water from their faucets, city hall says the water is and has always been free of arsenic and that NYCHA will no longer work with the company. In addition, the city says it intends to pursue all legal options on behalf of residents of the Reese houses. Kanye West is giving his best wishes to his former enemies and the passing of Queen Elizabeth could have something to do with it. Kanye made a post on social media late Thursday night that featured the queen in a pair of Photoshop yeezy sunglasses and wrote quote life is precious and that he was releasing all grudges. West then wished blessings to Pete Davidson and Daniel cherry, the rapper has a reputation for lashing out at Davidson after he began dating Kanye's ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and a former top Federal Reserve official says the fed is likely to raise interest rates, ex vice chair Richard clarita, told CNBC inflation is way too high and more interest rate hikes are likely on the way, he believes they're going to 4%. I'm Jim Forbes. Now this Bloomberg sports update, the U.S. open finals are said on Sunday, Casper Ruud will take on Carlos alcaraz, who defeated Francis TFO on Friday evening in Queens. Today, it'll be the women's finals featuring top seated ikes fion tech taking on jabour. It's week one of the NFL season, the Giants visit the Titans on Sunday, while the jets host the ravens. On Sunday evening, Tom Brady and the bucks visit the cowboys, while Russell Wilson returns to Seattle as a Bronco on Monday night. Here's Wilson talking about Monday evening's tilt. It'll definitely be an experience I've never experienced before. But it also be experienced that I'm going to enjoy the journey of it all. And my focus is going to be enjoying my focus on me on my teammates and I was playing our best football that we can possibly play against a really good football team. And that's what we're going to have to do. And so to play a great game, you can't be, you know, you can have passion. You can have some emotions and all that, but you can't be emotional. And I think that's just part of it. The sun opened the WNBA finals, visiting the aces tomorrow for game one, 16 honorees will be inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame tonight in Springfield mass, including Manu ginobili, Tim Hardaway, George Carl del Harris, bob huggins, swin cash, and Lindsay whalen. Among the inductees for his broadcasting skills, Nick's legend, Walt Clyde Frazier. The Yankees lost in The Bronx four to two and held a Hall of Fame tribute night for Derek Jeter a year after his induction. Here's the captain on being back in The Bronx. I haven't been here in a while I came a couple months ago because they screened the documentary, but you know it wasn't a full house last time came for was when they retired my number and then the 96 reunion, but it feels like forever since I've been here, so it was a great feeling, man. It really was. Meanwhile, the mets lost in Miami 6 to three to the Marlins and with the braves win in Seattle, the metropolitans are a half game back in the NL east. With a Bloomberg sports update, I'm Bill horrendo

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