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We're sure you're gonna love the cloak. If Auburn finds a guy who can shoot Carson Edwards. That's dart. Because remember he did lay up forty two on them. And you know, that's how you beat them as you shoot from the outside when they when they tank in. I can I can promise you. I can promise you that. You are not going to see the same thing. You saw last week. When this game starts the Jared. Harper is gonna take the ball at the top of the key and go there's nobody between me and the basket, which I'm pretty sure he's going to see three people between him and the basket, and he's going to have to give the ball up. It's what happens when it gives the ball up. That's going to determine unlike unlike what happened, but he he wasn't revelation to some of us myself and match can I ask you a question because it hasn't been the best of times in Michigan supports. It hasn't been the best of times in Detroit sports, but I have a feeling that that your people have embraced the Spartans in a big way. And I have a feeling that other than the national championship. Mitch has Michigan state basketball ever felt bigger than it does right now because of that game against Duke last Sunday. There's two reasons Mike that's the one that everybody saw and his talking about. Here's a bigger one and people in Michigan will will attest to this. Michigan State University has been under the biggest cloud that that school has never been under in history for the last several years, and that cloud based on Larry Nassar's despicable behavior and a series of cover-ups and people making excuses for him and letting his his sexual abuse go on and on and on has thrown a dark cloak over. Michigan state to the point that the president was fired the replacement for the president was let go the Atlantic direct. You name it. Everybody went down and that dark cloud eventually moved its way over even to Tommaso Mark dantonio, the coaches of the big revenue sports and some very responsible reporters for some major outlets started to figure. Hey all's fair because Michigan state is despicable right now. Because what happens? So let's throw whatever little controversy that Michigan state might have had onto the list and whatever controversy football team and their basketball team. And suddenly, and I remember having this discussion privately with with Tom Izzo him him saying since when did I get involved with this thing, you know, like they would take a. An off court behavior issue with one of his basketball players totally unrelated one hundred miles from Larry Nassar, and they put it in the same paragraph. Michigan state a school out of control with the Larry Nassar situation. And this happened to the basketball team for years ago or nine years ago and the football team eleven years ago, and it was unfair. And it's what happens in the world where everybody wants to just throw together examples, and they're not out here. Tom Izzo was his irate and as hurt and as confused by that as anything I I've known him as entire coaching career. I am never seen him more just perplexed almost lost. As to what am I supposed to do? Now can open his mouth everything he would say would be taken the wrong way. If he said, well, you know, obviously, we feel for the victims here. What do you mean? Obviously you feel for the victim. Was that kind of thing you could not say anything during that stretch of time and not come out looking bad. So. To go from that Mike to this moment where suddenly it's the this is our spring this year here in Michigan. There's no good teams on the horizon here. Nobody I mean the pistons are going to make the playoffs. But nobody thinks they're gonna go far, no hockey, no football. No baseball. Michigan's out in terms of this is it this is the Detroit and state of Michigan championship for the year..

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