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Saying his opponent Hillary Clinton knocked his free tuition plan because it relied on state governors including Republican governors who often cut spending to put in more state money number four implementing national rent control have you heard this one guy's national rent control Sanders campaign is pledged to spend two and a half trillion dollars to build ten million government housing units then we try something like this public housing him we had to knock down a lot of these places aren't they crime infested this is the problem folks when you reject capitalism rather than creating opportunities rather than building wealth rather than building communities this is what you're left with Soviet style housing units and that's what he supports he wants the federal government to further invade every state's housing laws a local economy by forcing a national rent control standard he proposes using the federal government to wage war against gentrification in zoning laws I mean really makes these determinations of what this means gentrification say would nationalize our zoning laws and you would have government federal government run rent control can you imagine I'm talking to you women in the suburbs now because I know you get a little shaky about stuff number five instituting a more durable deportations imagine this world that Bernie Sanders would create for us Sanders immigration plan includes ending deportations of illegal immigrants and offering citizenship to the eleven million illegal immigrants already living in the United States then I should mention giving them free healthcare number six effectively abolishing ice N. C. B. E. Sanders wants to eliminate the federal agencies immigration and customs enforcement as well as customs and border protection that protect our country's sovereign borders and protect US citizens for legal immigrants to commit acts of violence and organized crime and drug cartels all over the United States that's taking drug legalization one step too far if you think folks think about each and every one of these just one of them we'll be at the buckle to this society in our economic system just one of them taken together number second acting a green new deal he's a supporter of green new down we all know what speaks everyone listens she's worldly and heavily experienced which calls for the banning of fossil fuel energy production that is the banning of oil and gas which is the life blood of American industry and I might say you might wanna look around your homes to use electricity use oil use natural gas band effectively no the initial version of the green new deal also called for banning automobiles meet air travel while also promising to write all Americans education healthy food housing and government guaranteed jobs now I have a question how seriously we take these in the select insane proposal Sanders admits that this climate plan would cost sixteen point three trillion dollars I suggest you now is far more an incalculable when it comes to energy here we are finally energy independence something this nation has sought for half a century so we could be blackmailed by OPEC and all the rest the G. American ingenuity inventiveness incentives entrepreneurship capital and capitalism we now have fracking which nobody thought was possible that's the genius of America and let me just say this is a side point is very very important we talked about this before but there's so much going on one of the grave dangers of any the centralized ideologies and abstractions Marxism so called socialism fascism call it whatever you want is that it trains the brain you have great ideas to make money you're not free to pursue if somebody out there as a way to fix certain things that were on fixable to treat certain illnesses that were untreatable you're not allowed to pursue them you can only pursue them through government with government permission it with a much reduced capital R. D. investment what's the point the point is you have a yeah intellectually regressive society with things that you think are just developed and you just turn around while look at this new gadget and so forth and look at this new drug they won't happen anymore they can't happen anymore because the government's main job is redistribution the government's main job is monitoring is it needs resources and then the government's main job and the people are not happy is clamping down approaching abortion as population control number eight Bernie Sanders answered yes and spoke about abortion when asked that they see in a town hall event Wednesday night if population control would play a part in his administration's policy for dealing with climate change yes he says don't tell me he's not a Marxist we're gonna continue through the list there's some seventeen we've gone through about half of them but it's crucially important that you remember this because the media will not explain this to you nor will they explain deal that Sanders had really a very crappy night last night in New Hampshire he squeaked by Degesch but his numbers compared to twenty sixteen or a disaster and trump's numbers compared to anyone and anything.

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