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I mean, you don't even know which way the wind is blowing with the sky. Well, I'm talking actually about Lindsey Graham. Oh. I don't know what happened to Lindsey Graham that I knew because he hasn't been showing up lately, he seems to be a drift morally, politically, it's I think it's mystifying to a lot of people certainly mystifying to me what happened to Lindsey Graham. Do what's happened to Lindsey Graham what happened to Wednesay rambling? What happened to Lindsey Graham? The thing about Lindsay Graham is he's one of these figures in Washington that comes with kind of a non verbal reaction at this point. Mark Leibovich wrote about Graham for the New York Times magazine, you mentioned his name anytime over the last six months to twelve months, and you get this combination. Grimace shrug follow up question. Yeah. What's going on? And in all the sort of Trump era Republican mysteries. When we ask ourselves. What happened to this person? Why is this person changing his or her mind so much now about Donald Trump Lindsey Graham, kind of is the signature mystery of the Trump era is far as what these conversions look like. Lindsey Graham grew up in a very small town in South Carolina. The town of central South Carolina and his parents owned a bar there called the sanitary cafe and they own it. But they lived in an apartment right behind the bar. The shared a restroom with the patrons of the bar. And he went from there is the first member of his family to go to college. His parents died when he was in his early twenties. He joined the military eventually got into politics, and then was elected to congress and eventually was elected to the Senate where over the years, he's become known as kind of a reliable conservative pretty partisan Republican. I'm Lindsey Graham in our business through the Bush years still Bama care from day one voting against the Obama years. He led the fight on Benghazi. He was known as someone who was a truth teller within his caucus. He's been a champion for our military. Our veterans for South Carolina. Josh he was seen much likes to Cain was as someone who you could have a conversation. You could deal with all eyes on Lindsey Graham and another democratic member trying to come up with some sort of bipartisan compromise and really want a lot of bipartisan respect a lot of respect across the aisles took on some pretty unpopular issues within his caucus eighty percent of the people would like CD's kids have a better life immigration. We won't be debating about the science will be debating about the solutions climate change. I mean, he was a big deal maker. He to this day is remembered and remember to sort of a key word because it's very past tense as someone who could speak some truth to power and someone who was seen as a reasonable, independent conservative. Let me tell you about Senator McCain, and he also was like a side kick kind of Gilligan to John McCain's skipper. He would die for this. This country. I love him to death. He was always inside the two of them had sort of similar sense of humor reason, why Lynch is not married is because you can't find anyone that loves him as much as. And was always again, very derivative of the energy that John McCain brought.

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