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The Seinfeld post show recap? That's what Robin Keever cancelled is. Oh, okay. So you answer to that question is a team of people working on it. There's a lot of people listened old episodes and coming up with. That's okay. So that is actually being worked on Claire. I think are closer Claire, who's going to who's going to be with us in Minnesota. Yes, she is, she's working on it in the sewer, if you other people who are listening to the old Seinfeld. Good. I realize this Iran fun if that ever happened. Okay. Aren't the lifeless bracket? I think we have to tweak what actually happens. But I do think that's a really fun idea. Okay. Right now, if I'm Johnny Minnesota, and I'm. To our life show. And I'm listen, this podcast, I'm more excited about that. Then, then, even the take-off or rubbing giving you the third wheel, that's also fun idea. Like I, I think this will work just have to we just have to punch up the ideal. I like the idea. I don't know necessarily about the framework yet. Okay. All right. Let's do a quick real mail bag, and then we'll, we'll spin the wheel is any treasure underneath the mount Renat more. You have in the invisible ink. Yeah. This appearing. Yeah. Okay. So Kirsten mcginnis are great fan came at has been on the podcast before says please do h TV shows are trash, and please, let me be the HGTV expert. She said, hey cursing, give list of shows that you want us to watch. You said it could be love it or list, it property brothers and house enters. Okay. Well, so John John has called into the patriot. Facebook Friday, a couple of weeks in row talking about this idea. And I said, I have no idea how kiva feels about H G TV. I did hear him say recently is obsessed with ninety day fiance. So I don't even know Akiba anymore. Okay. I we haven't talked about this. I mentioned it on, on thirty two fans someone pitched that we that we do fiance. We put it in the fishbowl, I was unfamiliar with it. I briefly mentioned to Haley strong said, okay, I googled ninety day fiance. Do you know what? Ninety day fiancee's about. Yes. Okay. So I did I. I thought it was married at site, I thought it was, like you have ninety days, you meet, and you have to decide if you say, but it's really a person from America meet somebody from out of the country, they wanna move to America, and you have ninety days decide who want to get married. And then you get the K one visa in buffalo. I watched one episode which led me to watch every single season of the show in like eight different about the show that was, so compelling got hooked it was the, the casting is really good. It's compelling. The problem is I watched the show I got caught up with a bunch of different seasons. I started googling the people and the show is completely fake. Everyone's to every single person involved is garbage person. And now I'm sort of out on it after like it was like such a world. Wind of never having heard of it being obsessed with it. And now I'm sort of our knit because the show is much faker than I thought it was. But anyway, so what do you think about H? So we already have MTV shows a trash, we did kitchen trash. We have a few different ideas like this in the pipeline. What do you think about H h g TV shows attrac- should we wait and see how one of the TV one goes eight shows trash and Canadian shows trash, which is already on the wheel. Yeah. Yeah. All right. So let's say I'm happy to do this. I think it'll be good episode. But I don't think we need fifty different channel shows are trash on the wheel one goes and it'll be on that. I can't imagine it. Would it will go poor? But do you watch any h she TVs? No. But I would like to try it. I don't watch any of them..

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