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And for all of us it's about particularly worthy the consumers going in getting half of it right one of the things we wanna do is create adds that don't suck the bracing chains creates blade possibility i'm alan heart and this is marketing today today on the show get allegro hair vicepresident of global brand communications for adidas or otti dass fear in germany today we talk about her campaign original is never finished which uses the remix of a song my way and won a grand prix it con this past year allegro was recently named two thousand seventeen brand genius award from add week so we talk a little bit about those accomplishments as well as adidas surpassing the jordan brand as the number to sneaker brand which happened in september of this year lastly we talk about what tip she offers to marketers and this notion of courage and how courage needs to drive the marketing process inside of organization i hope you enjoyed the show while allegro welcome to the show a thank you for having me the outplay it's a phone conversation yeah i always love i do tons of interviews and i love the get to know the person that i'm talking to clinton gets good context for it what all the business stuff that will talk about eventually but i love this question if there's an experience in your pass that defines or as made up who you have become law i'll guide that's a that's a great question because the i mean i'm so young side have very few experience he says to think about no joking aside i think one most is probably my family i mean they half the international background the fact them half italian halfamerican grew up in the united staes rose travelled to europe a law you know and also looking at my parents background to you my mom was an artist so very creative and forwardthinking my dad was a businessman very practical and numbers in fact based on i think i kind of absorbed the two identities into a one so i think that's probably the thing that defined me the most must have been interesting that we knew who do you feel like one influence to more than the other uh i guess it depends on my age.

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