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Iheart media, the country's largest multimedia. Marketing company is looking for our next sales superstar. If you live and breathe creating branding solutions for clients. Then we wanna meet you go to come rock with us. DC dot com. That's come rock with us. DC dot com. Donna, kick in you better take care of it. When you see how thorough this cleaning is you'll never use another service again, go to fix my home dot com. That's fixed my home dot com and schedule your AC cleaning today. Do you don't want to mess with the IRS? They have the power to garnish your paycheck, your Bank accounts, and even take your home or business. That's all true. But thankfully, the offering a way out the fresh start initiative, if you qualify, you could say thousands experts at Optima Tax Relief, we'll fight to get you the best possible tech settlement, and they have an a plus rating with the BBB call Optima for your free consultation. Call eight hundred nine six eight nine hundred twenty two eight hundred nine six eight nine hundred twenty two Optima Tax Relief. Hi, it's Pat Woodard for all words financial, if you're a super saver someone who's gone above and beyond, to save really, really well for retirement. The table Allworth financial can probably guess what? You're worried about taxes distribution strategies. And if your money will last the good news is you can get these questions answered they're hosting a live online event, designed specifically to help highly successful, savers retire better. But you only have two opportunities to join in Saturday June twenty second or Tuesday, June twenty fifth reserve your spot for free at all worth financial dot com. Facing is a serious problem to help address it to labs has advocated for raising the legal age to purchase our products to twenty one plus stopped. The sale of non tobacco non mental flavored products to traditional retail enhanced online age verification, strengthened our retail compliance program, exited social media and for developing technologies to further restrict youth access. Learn more at Joel dot com slash youth. Dash prevention to a labs for dealt smokers only. Paid for by Joel labs. Hey, my friends. Retail store was the victim of IOT password theft. Yup. Cybercriminals are taking over security cameras payments systems, and other devices by exploiting vulnerabilities. What if they target us in our dispersed network? We're secured with barracuda. We have advanced firewalls for our sites enhanced security for our cloud, infrastructure, and total Email protection such a relief. Protect your business at barracuda dot com. Barracuda your journey secured. Hi, I'm Tom matere at matere law for we represent those with life altering brain and spine injuries. And we've done it for over thirty years. It takes special skill and knowledge to prosecute those claims to protect you and your family. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured, Cole matere law firm. Eight six six three seven seven thirty eight hundred that's eight six six three seven seven thirty eight hundred or go to strength when you need it dot com. That's strength. When you need it dot com. The.

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