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Be a lot of people saying build well who else would b what else would be i wonder if this general mattis crazy though because he just got all this funding and remember it's funding certainty that the military needs and mattis has been happy to have some finally so that's what they were going for this bill what a catastrophic failure on the part of republicans help the man they got rolled does the president had what did they get role does the president have something up his sleeves is a free show at eight oh five will let us know it's eight it's five fifty on wma el rushbo donna shalala it's a familiar name in national politics she was a clinton cabinet member and she was also executive director of the clinton foundation and she he used to ride around the pickup truck with janet reno this is a woman who knows where the bodies are buried so to speak now show is running for congress for an open seat in miami being vacated by republican and with her democrat credentials in cloud me she used to be the president university miami this ought to be a cakewalk but she has run into trouble two of the seven democrats running against her in the primary of ganged up on show layla and it's it takes to to do that by the way they've accused her of personally contributing twenty thousand bucks to republicans in florida over the past ten years and they're demanding she publicly apologize for this and fork over twice that amount to the miami dade democrats in response chalet reminded her challengers that she has donated over a quarter million bucks a democrats over the years she expressed outrage they would dare question her loyalty to the party the real story is not a petty squabbling among democrats not long ago these local we'd wannabes wouldn't dare book a member of the clinton inner circle know the real story is how little fear and respect the current crop of democrats have for the oncemighty clinton's their time looks like it's come and gone folks and where is bill by the way and all of this.

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