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In downtown miami florida. We have burgess owens former. Nfl player american from utah. We have byron douglas. We have some amazing success stories. Happen florida used to be something called a battleground states. Now we might as well call it. Alabama i mean it is like we win by four hundred thousand votes. It's not moving to florida's short a mixed theory on that. Because i'm totally supportive of iso maxing out beat battleground states but don't forsake the battle in front of you so i kind. If there's any good people out there california's a great place to move to now. I mean things are turning around. It happened in this last election. It's through we'll talk about later. But i think california's going to surprise people and i completely agree and you looked at. We can actually learn something from the left. If you would've told me ten years ago. Arizona would have to democrats senators and electric to a democrat. President said what state of arizona you talking about the left was relentless. Had a battle plan. They implemented it. They had faith even when things did not look good and they were perseverance in their persistent same is going to happen in california. You will win the state back eventually but it's going to take a dedication it's gonna take ten years fifteen years it might even happen quicker than but also let's go even just across the country. Ohio trump won eight and a half points iowa. We won by eight points. We across the country. This is the first time since one thousand nine hundred seven but the incoming president has less seats in the house of representatives meaning. He had no coat-tails whatsoever. Joe biden you may not know this about me but i'm kind of an undercover. Some people call it a nerd when it comes the studying the global economy. I love seeking out financial wisdom when it comes to my own portfolio. I always value precious metals. Noble gold is the firm. 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We can get into that to the over analyzing that that's a whole different thing but look here's the thing everybody. It feels awful. I get it but it wasn't a blowout it wasn't we won places we weren't supposed to win we advance territory. There's two states. That are big problem child's that are back in play almost instantaneously arizona. Georgia that have got to fix the way we do elections in this country. And that's got to be priority number one. This mail in ballot nonsense has gotta stop when we are just throwing ballots all over the place and jack georgia and arizona republican legislators. They have republican governors. And they have to start taking marching orders from their constituents where georgia had at. Its most two hundred and twenty five thousand mail in ballots back in two thousand sixteen. They had one point two million mail in ballots this last november now just from an economy of scale. Imagine jack if six tunnel you actually know what this is like six times. The amount of people show up for a sunday service than you anticipated so bad example but if anyone else out. There doesn't have booming wonderfully flourishing. Churches doesn't know what that's like. The point is that you don't have the infrastructure to be able to facilitate that. So they do. We'll because stacey. Abrams believed she never gave up. She was well-funded. She changed the way elections. Were done in georgia less convinced about persuasion and more convinced about actually the mechanics of how elections are done so the signature verification threshold has changed. Where kind of scribble is more acceptable than actually what exactly it says. In your driver's license these sort of kind of boring inconsequential. more legal. Fights never concerned us as conservatives. Because i is i mean what exact. It's in the courts all of a sudden realized and our election on the margins when you have twenty thousand votes being rejected when ninety seven thousand votes rejected back in two thousand sixteen. That's the difference between winning and losing georgia and with it. The united states senate and that has to be one of the top marching orders there. But here's the other thing. That i think is really promising is that the democrats did not win anywhere on any of their ideas or policies. Think about this. The only places that they won was pretend just pathologically hating donald trump and running on moderate policies. They did not win any of the things that they are now. Espousing in the united states senate nowhere to people show up and say you know. I want a democrat so we can have a robust debate on gender pronouns in the united states senate no one showed up and they said you know i want a democrat. Because i think it's about time we say a woman after we say a prayer in the united states congress. You're talking about right man okay. Just in case. She knows that they're just getting started right. And and that's that's one of the reasons. I have hope. And we'll get into that but it's the if conservatives play there we do things the right way and if we don't allow them to break our will here's one promise. I have for you tonight. More than anything else guarantee. So we know the laws of gravity. We know the laws of nature. We know the laws of thermodynamics. and there's the laws of the left the left screws up everything they touch everything. Everything force equals mass times. Acceleration an object at rest will stay at rest and everything. The left touches will get to utter and complete ruin and so they. They are unable to govern now. You might say charles over exaggeration. No it's absolutely true in. Here's why because every one of their policies run contrary to god's laws head god's nature every one of them and so this happens in california illinois new york so there's a collision point. We're all of a sudden. They spend money they don't have they fight against biology. They try to program human beings natural incentives and then people say something and this is gonna take like one hundred days. I want the republicans back in charge police. What is going on. You've got chuck schumer arguing to add. Puerto rico as a state. Anc screaming and then there's going to be an opportunity. I guarantee you this slim. Majorities the democrats will mess this up. They will and they're in control of everything jet they're terribly divided and they are there s each other and and that's the other takeaway in the hope that i have right now and i pray we can be more in lockstep than the democrats because now they're gonna fight over the feast and they don't have a lot of margins to fight over the feast we're talking about fifty fifty tie that would require calling in the vice president to break that tie which is no small feat to just go through that and the filibuster still intact and that would take mansion and more kelly and tester to all agree to vote on that. Which is it's easier said than done and the democrats are now actually going to have to demonstrate to the american people. What exactly they believe in why they believe in you. Have the keys to the kingdom. Joe biden. what are.

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