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It there's nothing that forced and while the word things of that dossier that made me wonder whether or not they were in fact accurate in true just because was unverified didn't mean it wasn't true to have a relationship of trust between the president and justice department and the fpr and if that trust breaks down that in effect creates a chrysler ego's dulong drought fees over neighbouring slovenia soda philadelphia america's solutions are discussed here the nile michaels called it it it it's over loved finally bob super bowl fifty two go to philadelphia i've never said that before because it never won won they won the nfl championship 1960 has been a long drought so now they're tied with the jets how everybody is going to be a big our company way dan had a girl be joining us for the wall street journal and i'll be able to take a lot of calls as well as look at some of your feedback from our facebook live account from this morning and the number to call one eight six six four await seven six six nine if you're in the the aspirin virginia area i'll be there 5 o'clock on friday barnes and noble andrew jackson the miracle of nauruans thanks so much everyone you've kept it rank for the last fourteen weeks to more and we tie jefferson in washington so let's get to the big three ryan's big three super bowl fifty two the defense forgot the show up on both sides justin timberlake probably wish he didn't and we're gonna look at the philadelphia win and what it means and how this celebrating by wrecking stuff numbered zuhdi daca deal revisited shutdown starts friday i doubt that will happen book compromises on some way bohdan phase one of immigration reform not encouraging to me from what i heard i'll explain number want memo of any of the dam's want their memo and they cut the want their memo out i should say the country still debating nunez's led release we review how we got here and what we know and what this investi where this investigation is going and that's where i want to start first off on where it's going what was the significance deva nunez release in this information he frustrated what's he frustrated about well for the past year we have a pursued to try to find out too in the intelligence committee on the house and.

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